App Cloner MOD APK

App Cloner MOD Apk

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App NameApp Cloner
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Download the App Cloner MOD apk version 2.14.5, which comes in the category of apps, and the developer is AppListo. There are plenty of motives why you would prefer the same app strolling twice on your phone before Facebook Messenger or Instagram, including multiple account support.

Many customers had resorted to downloading modded APKs of the apps to be in a position to log in with unique usernames on the same device. But many different apps nevertheless don’t allow you to use a couple of money owed simultaneously, like Facebook and Skype. There are also other reasons you’d choose every other instance of an app.

For example, if you want to take a look at something besides breaking the only app, if you desire to have two exclusive signs of progress of the identical game, if a watch face software solely allows one placing, and you choose a convenient way to swap without fiddling with the preferences each time, and so on.

APP Features

App Cloner pro apk solves this trouble by letting you clone an app and deploy its body double on your phone. However, now not only that, it offers you fully manipulate over what the cloned app appears and acts like. You can select a new identity and icon hue, and even cover. If you so wish, the icon from the app drawer forestalls it from requesting to be set as default. When opening hyperlinks, it ought to intercept, eliminate its widgets, and cast off the watch app to avoid duplicates. Knock out it from Recent, lock its orientation to portrait or landscape, allow or disable some of its permissions, password shield it, stop it from using cellular data, and more.

A few alternatives will be exceptional if you attempt to hide something fishy from your partner. However, there are still authentic scenarios where you’ll desire a cloned app with some particular boundaries or additions.

More Details

However, when you first try App Cloner pro apk, your concept would be best for WhatsApp. The app description, in particular, says it does not work. Then I thought, I may want to create a full Chrome incognito browser for when I’m doing extraordinary searches for Android Police so that I wouldn’t favor my everlasting search history!).

But it turns out you cannot clone Chrome or any app that requires Play Services. Then I tried cloning Dropbox, it labored, and the app was installed, but the clone would force shut every time I opened it. I should have stumbled on the 3 examples; the place App Cloner pro apk does not work because the app’s scores are high. However, those had been the most apparent use instances for me. Your mileage may additionally vary. For example, you can download this cloner app from the google play store, a free version.


Using the app cloner pro apk, you can clone any app on your smartphone. After cloning the app, you also run them on the same platform. The different apps will work in another system. When you try to clone any app at that time, you will prefer to change the icon notification or size resize. That means you can change any app’s logo color or thumbnail size.

I hope you liked our detailed description of APP Cloner; let us know if you face any problems while downloading or installing.

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