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App NameBomber Friends Mod
Size94 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemies, Season Pass
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Bomber Friends Mod APK is an interesting engaging and entertaining game.  It is a unique and breath-taking job done by HYPERKANI game development studio for android. This game has got more popularity in a little span. It is downloaded more than 2 million times by android uses across the world. It is one of the best action games. You can enjoy the immensity hectic online multiplayer game. Join your friends and can survive till the last one. Explore the map and use armors to bomb your friends. Make your battle place to enter the multiplayer area.

You need your friends when you play somber man. When you play alone you have the option of AI. The game allows you to join or invite friends globally. You can make your team fight with your opponents.

MOD Features

  • A multiplayer game problem your friends, marketing campaign mod with over 300 ranges.
  • Discover your manners by 6 totally different kinds of worlds.
  • Polished control for touch screen.
  • Compete within the one-line areas to complete the challenges
  • Accumulate your individual battle place.
  • Be careful for courses
  • Upgrade your character with hats, fits, equipment’s, taunts and greetings.
  • Different kind of bombs to blast on enemies.
  • Google play achievements.
  • Helpful for android TV.
  • Plenty of me wad attention grabbing recreation options.

Now will talk about the features of the game in detail.

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Story of the Game

At the beginning of the story, our bomber hero lived in a town and had a peaceful life with friends and family. But this peace doesn’t exist for a long time. They end on one day a tragedy is happened orcas attract the village. They are very bad, and they destroy everything and also kidnap the villages. His friend was more taken to remote places. You have to help the bomber to adventure through strong lands and rescue his friends.

Outstanding Gameplay

There is a slight difference between the new Bomber friends and classic Bomber man games. You can easily control your character by moving in a maze. And you can use bombs to break bricks and walls. You will be upgraded when you break a brick. Some breaks are not easy to break. You can use a trap to catch the enemy in a prison with bombs.

Astonishing Graphics

The graphics of the game is astonishing. This game attracts the user because of its beautiful colors and stunning audio-visual effect. You can also enjoy the epic music in Bomber friends. The game has 2D graphics with beautiful effects.


When you break a brick, you have to chance to get the following rewards or items.

  • Flame: increase the capacity of bombs
  • Shoes: help you to run fast
  • Bomb: increase the number of Bombs
  • Shield: help you on protection
  • Skull: this is a trap, make your performance slow

Different Modes

Classic Mode

The system will allow you to play with three players in a match. Destroy all enemies to win the combat.

Adventure Mod

In this nod, you will find the key to open the secrete gate. This will help you to go to the next level. Every level has a lot of monsters that will harm you. They hinder your journey. You can defeat them. And you have two options; you can destroy them or ignore them to help the bomber in his journey or struggle to meet his friends or family.

Multiplayer Mode of Bomber Friends

You can play against other players around the world. In this mod or players can play the game. You have to defeat all of your opponents to win the battle after 30 seconds all walls will destroy and the map will shrink automatically.

Reverse Match

You cannot destroy the walls here. When time is passed out the winner hill by one who paints more broadly.

Team Combats

You have to make your team. You are your team will work together to destroy all of your opponents.


Bomber Friends Mod APK has three kinds of currencies as gold bars, Diamonds, and coins. The gold bar is helpful in buying many necessary items for the game. Coins help you in the up-gradation of your characters. Diamonds are helpful in unlocking the items and epic characters.

Different characters with insane Ability

The game introduces games a lot of different characters with unique insane abilities. There are more than 10 unique characters are coming from all directions in the world. They all are available for free. You can utilize their unique power. You can upgrade your character by giving them unique epic power.

Weapons with implausible powers

You can make your character more interesting and amazing by using different kinds of weapons. These weapons have different ways to attack opponents. These weapons can bring the desired result for you.

Millions of different challenges

In this game, you have to face different challenges to complete the different challenges of the game your given very smooth control. You can easily complete your challenges and can get rewards.

Challenges your friends

It is the best option for those who want to play with their friends. Bowmaster has the feature of PVP battles where you can play with your friends and give them different challenges. You can play with your mates in a 1V1 game right on your android devices. Just one thing or one mobile is required to enjoy this turn-based aim and shoot game.


Is it free to play?

Yes, it is free of charge. You can easily be installed on your mobile devices.

Can I get unlimited coins in Bomber friends Mod APK?

Yes, you can get unlimited coins. You can buy whatever you want for free.


It is addictive gameplay. This is a perfect game who are searching for an interesting game to enjoy. It has many in-game elements for free. Let’s enjoy the most exciting epic action gameplay.

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