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Cloudcracker Hashcracker are apps that allow you as a user to crack codes. The Hashcracker application software was invented in Java swing. As a user, if this app is cracking codes like SHA 256, SHA384, MD5, MD2, SHA1, SHA 512, it is made easy. This app helps you hash the codes with either use of word listing or strong Force but only by users’ decision. 

Slightly different from the hash cracker, the Cloud cracker with just seventeen dollars ($17) would easily crack the following code password WPA, WPA2, SHA-512, NTLM, MS-CHAPv2, MD5s. All needed when in use of the app is to have what you want to crack( sample of network traffic) uploaded to the cloud cracker and then your payment of $17, a mass assemblage of power computing renders immense dictionary attacks, till you choice code hash is given.

The Harshware application is free application software. The app is under the category of security and privacy app, also being that the app is currently in the English language. This program could be installed on the following; OS portable ( source code for work efficiency with numerous os platforms.

The Cloudcracker application makes use of dictionary bombardment based on the traffic samples provided.

Key features

  • · WiFi networks could be easily cracked
  • · If appropriately utilized, the Cloudcracker tool could spend less time and less money consumption.
  • · Transmission security is guaranteed.
  • · It’s the fastest password/code cracking tool available.

What is Hashcracker?

The Hashcracker is an app available for python hash cracking that goes in its fantastic support of Hashing algorithms. 

What is Cloudcracker?

The cloud cracker provides password and code-cracking services with an aim at penetration in test to check or rectify protected wireless-Networks. With these services, you could either validate passwords or password hashes that could be easily cracked with the aid of perfect document encryption.

These services give an edge to developers to integrate functions of the services into their appl.

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  • · The cloud cracker app is available on Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • · The application tool is easy to use even for a beginner
  • · It’s free.
  • · The app is versatile; validation and cracking of passwords are possible when using this app.
  • · It’s available for both Android, Windows, and Mac.


  • · The output can not be overturned or reversed with an efficient algorithm
  • · The message input space could be finite
  • · More than one input message could have the same hash.
  • · The Cloudcracker app is no lt available on iOS.

The Best alternative Cloudcracker

The Ophrack

This is the best and only number one match up alternative to the Cloudcracker Hashcracker APK.

This is a free password cracker for Windows, which bases on rainbow tablets. The app comes with a full package of graphical user interface and can also run on platforms at multiple rates. The app belongs to the subcategory of utility software and is currently available in the English language.


  • · The app’s flexibility on able to operate and run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Win, and Android.
  • · Availability of CSV export and audit mode
  • · When analyzing the password, the app makes use of real-time graph
  • · Open source software and free.
  • · It’s a user-friendly app.


  • · The app times antivirus programs may regard the Ophrack app to be a Trojan or virus.
  • · It doesn’t work or sync perfectly with Windows 10 even though it could slightly run on it.


The Aircrack APK tool is a very suitable System program. As it is a very good and one of the best outstanding alternatives to the previous cracking APKs. It’s programming consisting of a parcel sniffer identifier and an investigation device and is in perfect sync with any remote system controller of which it’s the driver can assist basic checking modes and sniff 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11b traffic, this app also comprises of WPA2-PSK/WPA.


This is known as an app that drives gadgets or, in other words, known as a gadget driver suitable for 802.11(a/b/g) gathering and infusion on a basic system. It is also best utilized as a housing instrument for all classes of the 802.11 that need to attain convention on a fundamental level.


  • · It has a good software layout.
  • · There are many options for receiving and sending data.


  • · Most of the options for receiving and sending data are not efficient
  • · Basic features are not available on the free version.


The Cloudcracker Hashcracker app deals and makes sure one thing is almost guaranteed for its users, ” Satisfaction and result in cracking and hashing codes and passwords.” This app is a must use to enjoy any hashing or cracking operation.

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