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The Cooking Madness MOD APK allows you to experience cooking in a fast-paced environment in an amazing kitchen with delicious ingredients.

If you enjoy cooking, then this game is for you.

The game gives players the thrill and excitement of cooking and working in one of many high-quality restaurants.

Cooking Madness was created by Zen-Life Games, a household name in the world of cooking games. With their latest addition to their lineup, they aim to bridge generations and bring families together through fun.


Being a chef is extremely difficult. To succeed in this profession, though, you need the right skills and dedication that some lack or love their jobs so much they can’t cope with a change.

However, there are still many people who want to become chefs despite the difficulties. Cooking arts requires creativity and beauty. The Food team releases cooking-related games every now and then from major game publishers to satisfy their audience on an ongoing basis.

Cooking is your passion and you want to be the best chef in town, but every time your customers come by for delicious food, they always leave hungry. Play this game to prepare tons of different dishes from scratch, all while managing a busy restaurant.

Cooking Madness MOD APK Features

The features that the game offers are as follows:

Full of Energy

Cooking is a stressful and time-consuming activity. If you prepare meals, you will need all sorts of ingredients, but it will be worth your time when you see someone’s joy after eating your delicious meal.

Effects of Graphic Design

Cooking Madness has superb graphics that make it a great game for all ages. Colors make you want to keep playing even when you have no more food left.

As well as the sound effects, the gameplay is also enjoyable – especially if you start singing while you are cutting up vegetables or buttering breads.

Around the World to Cook the Best

Getting to the level of chef is not part of a chef’s journey. They must work hard to get there, and even harder to stay there forever.

Players can try to be promoted to the next level if they are brave enough. Every new challenge will make them more difficult than before, with different goals to suit every customer.

Improve the Quality of Customer Service

You will need to prepare all ingredients before opening because if a customer comes in without them, it is impossible for us to complete their order. In order to receive a high -quality product with plenty on hand when guests arrive first, these materials must be purchased at your local store and upgraded.

Unlocked New Recipes

The best way to maximize your profits is to be able to cook and serve dishes from many different cuisines. When cooking with new ingredients, it’s harder due to their complexity or newness.

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Cooking Madness MOD APK Gameplay

The game tells the story of a top chef who has to overcome challenges in order to continue to grow. A player can choose between different modes in which he becomes a chef and tries his skills out for guests at parties or as a professional interested in learning new dishes.

As a talented cook, you have skillful hands and a quick- witted tongue. You can tackle the entire cooking process as you prepare meals for dozens of customers. You will have a lot of orders coming your way.

Cooking Madness lets you prepare a variety of interesting dishes from around the world for different crowds. Working individually or in teams is up to how much time and energy each person has.

You can earn money by completing missions and upgrading your gear. Enjoy hundreds of levels in this fun arcade game with a ton of content for hours on end.

Cooking Madness MOD APK FAQ’s

How do you get keys in Cooking Madness?

Play this simple, but addictive game and unlock new levels. You can beat the level as many times as necessary by using a key that will unlock every door.

What is Cooking Madness MOD APK??

The Cooking Madness MOD allows you to feel like a professional chef. As a chef, you’ll be able to work in fast-paced kitchens and restaurants with high-quality ingredients.

How do I play Cooking Madness Mod APK on my PC?

Download and install Blue-Stacks. If cooking madness is not already there, look for it in the search bar at the top right corner, and log in to Google with either the account you created before starting step 2 or create another one during setup if you can’t remember which one you created.
Now start playing.

How do you make cooking madness more popular?

There are other places where you can earn rewards besides the restaurant. Watch ads for free coins, and take care of all your customers’ needs with our handy list. With boosts, you can get more done in less time. Collect all the keys available and then focus on your goals so each task feels easier than before. Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks.

How can I remove ads from cooking madness?

A purchase of any amount in-game can permanently remove the ads. Look for a pop-up that says “You have been ad-free!” and follow the instructions to get rid of all those annoying ads.


The Cooking Madness Mod APK is the perfect way to spice up your cooking game. The app will help make sure there are challenging missions at every level and stage throughout the game. Also, it enables users who want more excitement in their everyday lives to go on adventures with friends or family while still learning new recipes. Take advantage of these amazing features, they make your life much more enjoyable.

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