Cover Fire Mod APK

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App NameCover Fire Mod
Size38 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dame, God Mode, Money, Vip
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Cover Fire Mod APK is full of entertainment. It is a gift for those who have a great love for an epic shooter game. This game offers the best shooter experience with its realistic graphics and interesting modes. Just pick up your guns and start your shooter mission you will go through the shooter challenges as you experience the unique gameplay. In this game you will find yourself exploring the dark world of features, in which you are trapped by TERRACORP- he slaved all the humanity.

Under the position of war, the circumstances worse day by day, different diseases are breaking out. People have no peace at all. Nobody can resist, because of the strong pressure of the opponents. Being a capable and responsible soldier, you have to enter a series of epic shooter challenges. Through strong determination and focus on the mission, you can succeed. Humanity can’t survive under such a suppressive and cruel system, so you have to be a guiding light for them. You are a single hope for them.

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Cover Fire Mod APK Features

Accessible control

You will find yourself having access to the easiest touch control. You are given the intuitive instructions and tutorials that give you the path and confidence to easily go into the shooting experience. And you can find yourself having absolute fun as you are addicted to playing shooting games. Enjoy the unique gameplay of mobile shooter and take down your enemies.

Awesome strategy

The game has become more interesting while you are accessing the classic FPS shooter experience. The game offers you awesome tactical shooter gameplay for you to enjoy the combat. It is possible for you to control the squad of efficient soldiers through your experience. You can be their leader to control them and engage them in the practice of epic batter against your opponents. Make your decision wisely, keeping in mind the consequence of each planning and strategy. Create a team with capable powers and abilities in order to easily deal with your enemies. Challenge your opponents in an amazing shooter mission and let them down.

Access to the Big Arsenal

You can defeat your enemy with the use of multiple unique weapons. Weapons have a great significance in any battle because without them you can’t imagine any battle. You have the chance here to pick up different armors from the arsenal according to the need of time. Takedown your enemies with a variety of different guns. Realistic control of mechanics will make your shooter experience more awesome, unique, and realistic. Explore impressive in-game action and prove yourself fighting as a real front-line command.

Destructible Environment

This game has a variety of impressive action especially its destructible environment attracts the players. You can select any one platform to shield yourself from enemies. And you can defeat your enemies your enemy with your powerful strategy. You can destroy even their walls, barricade them with your explosives. The interesting environment makes your epic shooter experience more impressive and unique.

Free of Charge

Cover Fire Mod APK is free of cost although it has amazing in-game features android gamers can enjoy this fun and favorable game for quite free. You can easily install and download this game from the google play store.

Graphics and Sound


Cover Fire Mod APK has stunning graphics and sound. It has immersive visuals and strong effects. You are lost in the beautiful scenery or graphics of the game. This game has an exciting in-game visual as well exciting in-game audio that would enchant you to the amazing shooter experience. Everything in this game is detailed and marvelous.


The battlefield developer and design by the developer are awesome and astonishing. You feel suffocated as you are on a real battlefield. The fighting style and bullets give an impressive cuteness and fill the heart of the player with excitement.

Mod Features

Unlocking VIP 5percent your multiple benefits as

  • Enhance 20% gold
  • Energy: 15
  • Tickets: 8
  •  Number of players: 4

Unlimited Money

You can purchase characters and weapons with money. Gold is considered the premium currency for the game with limitless money you can easily buy everything, upgrade the weapons.


Is it free to play?

Yes, it is free to charge. You can download it from the google play store

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline, you can play it anytime anywhere

Can I enjoy the exciting online tournaments?

Yes, you can participate in online game experiences, you are free to challenge your friends as you proceed.

Final thought

This game offers you the shooter experience of bullet force and modern ops. It gives you the feeling that you are fighting in a real-life battle. Overall, it has beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. If you are bored in your free time, just go to the download link and download the game and enjoy it with great enthusiasm. The game will not disappoint you.

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