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App NameFile Commander Manager & Cloud
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Google Play
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File commander premium apk is a famous file manager, which copes well with its direct duties. With this program, you can open and edit all the documents on the device without any problems. And this applies to both interior reminiscence and external media. In addition, the supervisor is given a chance to get admission to popular cloud storage remotely.

The app boasts a very massive functionality. In addition to preferred options, it approves you to play multimedia files and archive bulk data. Also, delete pointless content, rename folders, and much, an awful lot more. In the entire program model, there are tools for convalescing and deleting files and the ability to get entry to hidden files and folders.

As for the application interface, it turned out to be pretty easy and concise. The layout is minimalist and compact in all elements. The information library is on the left aspect of the screen. Side panels simplify the search for files and help sort the content.

File Commander Premium Apk Overview

The trendy File Commander file explorer takes the entire gain of Android P and elements the redesigned Storage Analyzer. It shows precise records on what occupies an area on your system and hints on what you can delete or move to free up inside or exterior storage rapidly.

The File Converter function (available as an add-on) allows you to effortlessly convert your documents into one of the more significant 1200 extraordinary formats, while Secure Mode* enables you to encrypt and hide your touchy data. The file manager is so easy to understand. You can see where everything is, and moving files from one location to another is easy. It’s the best of all the file managers you’ve tried.

That’s a great app to use on any smartphone, like an android tablet. All that is needed is a format to save and retrieve email files irrespective of outlook, Gmail, or corporate emails. People keep all correspondence related to a matter in a folder, including email correspondence. Having this capability will complete their needs.

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APP Features

  • File converter: This app performs over 1200 types of conversions and converts all your files into more than 100 other formats.
  • A new and intelligent fresher look makes file commander premium apk the most intuitive file manager in the world.
  • They’re also a secure mode in the file commander system.
  • The best advantage is the PC file transfer system. You can send or share your file with this application at a fast speed.
  • There are many types of cloud drive it supports, like google drive, dropbox, box, Amazon cloud drive, and Microsoft one drive.
  • You can fully customize your home screen with the file commander option.
  • There is also a find file option. So, you can find any file from the home screen on your file commander premium apk.
  • Remote file access and sharing option are also included in this app.

More Details

File administration isn’t the sexiest vicinity of smartphone possession; however, it’s essential to consider if you use your gadget for productivity.

Your phone, after all, is your on-the-go connection to the world. It’s the new PC. And whether your work includes presentations, PDFs, Word archives, or images, you’re sure to find yourself fumbling around with documents on your pocket-sized screen sooner or later.

With the proper tools, though, dealing with documents from your smartphone doesn’t have to be a hassle. And the precise news? Android’s acquired plenty of great options.

Android file commander premium apk is a dime a dozen, but this app stands out from the pack with its surprising mixture of an intuitive plan and practical features. It’s jam-packed with useful stuff, in other words, but simple and quality to use if you want to download the free version of the file commander apk, play store to download it.

At its core, Solid Explorer is essentially a file browser — a way for you to look via your device’s nearby storage and open or manipulate objects as needed. For example, you can cut, reproduce and paste files; pass files in or out of folders; rename archives and folders; and search for the duration of your device. And, of course, you can share files directly from the browser to any other app on your phone. You may download the popular du recorder pro apk from this website.

File commander apk can even filter your files by using class so you can see all of your images, videos, or audio documents together — regardless of where they’re stored or what app they could be related to within a single spot.


File Commander Premium apk is an effective file manager that lets you manage any file on your Android device, cloud storage, or community vicinity using an easy and intuitive interface. You can separately deal with libraries of pictures, music, videos, and documents and rename, delete, move, zip, convert and send files with a few taps.

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