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App NameFRAG Pro Shooter MOD
Size121 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Scope / Weapons
Last Updated2 Days Ago


The man of 21 century is very busy and feels bored and monotonous in his life. That’s why he wants some relaxation and peace of mind. Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is one of the best options to keep you relaxed happy and carefree. You feel pleasure while you playing this game. Frag mod apk is the wonderful and marvelous job done by oh Bibi developers. In this, you can play and participate with other players or people around the world in VS mod.

Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is an android apk that lets you frag your friends. It has the frag droid android launcher when fragging your friends in this game. Frag shooter is consists of 10 players into two teams or groups. You have to defeat all of your opponents to win the game.

Game Overview

Some shooting games are hard to play but don’t take any tension because this game attracts many players across the globe. This is just because of its smooth controls; it gives confidence to its players. You can jump to the next highest levels or roofs just after playing its few matches. The player of this game must have the best coordinating skills. Because best-coordinating skills lead you towards victory.

This game is not a life-death game, you can revive or regain your strength again. But the death of any character in your team, give more points to your opponents. Never give chance to your enemy to win the battle. The best thing about this game which I like most is that I can relive again when my enemies kill me. Each character varies with other characters on the basis of its skills style and performance. You should be confident to select your character. You can attack wisely if you use it.

The graphics of this game is more sharp, vibrant, and eye-catching which attract its players. The developer uses 3D graphics which give you a very realistic and smoothing effect. If you download unlimited money mode you can access lots of new weapon equipment and bounces, all these things help you to win the battle easily.

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Frag mod apk is an outstanding game that gives you more of the experience of blood-shaded combat. Its marvelous control over its characters makes the fight or playing experience more unique and straightforward. You can change your character to win the battle. You can join popularity or become a more famous team. You can attack your enemy shield, but beware they can destroy you at any time.

In this game, you will not completely dead or despair, you can regain life just after using some new character. You will become a superstar after winning your battle or mission.


Let’s talk about its features. The features are one of the most talked-about in android OS and it’s probably why so many people are interested in it.

frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is an amazing game that includes excellent gameplay, sharp color, and many other action faces. The game is based on 3D graphics which give you the best and clear visual experience. Its music is also of very quality which gives you a relaxing and soothing effect. It depends on many maps; each map is very clear and eye-catching. So you just keep in mind the uses of the map. Because these maps are used for defense, attack, and hiding. The defensive hiding, attacking, and upgrading abilities of characters attract the player.

Amazing Control

The pretty cool thing about this game is its control over characters. The control of the frag mod apk is amazing for the first-person games on the touch screen. You can control your character by the use of a joystick located on the left and an action button on the right side of your screen.

Your hero will shoot automatically on his focused target with the help of two action buttons. It does not matter which device or mobile you are using. It will run smoothly on even a very low-end device.

Boundless Money and Upgrades 

The excellent feature of this game is its boundless money and upgradation. It is the best game for those who want to play for free. In this game, you can get boundless coins diamonds, and money which make your fighting experience superb. You can upgrade your character or heroes as you want or as you needed according to the situation. You can build new armors and abilities in order to upgrade your hero. You can improve your abilities and skills at every step or stage, and upgrade to next level points. This game become more delightful due to this amazing feature.

Different characters

Various individual frameworks, each with a unique capability such as offensive and defense. After that, work with your teammates to put together the best battle crew possible. Dan, Dr. Ice, Jay B, Jet, and Big Paku are all snipers who accompany you during the early fights. Give up and then you’ll notice a list of creatures with unique fighting abilities. Ooze, Freeze-B, and numerous different legends that dazzle any player right away.

Free to Play

Many of us love to play free games. Frag mod apk fulfills your desire to play without any charge. You can play much best gaming experience playing the free version. As soon you cross the first level, you will proceed to the next level to test your skills.

If you are using the most entertaining free playing then try this game. You just go to the download and then play for free with other players.

Safe to Use

Though we are part of the world of technology, and re facilitated with it. Because technology makes our life easier. But still, we have some drawbacks of it, as some software are application destroy our lives. Some software, apps, and applications damage our devices. Frag shooter is quite safe and reliable to use and download. It is protected to use as it will never ask for unnecessary detail. You rely on something just on the basis of its satisfaction. So, you can check it on any software which a virus on it.

Customize and upgrade characters

Change furnishes, the manner in which FRAG Pro Shooter says Legendary. Which of the many beautiful outfits in a rich, fiery, dynamic style do you prefer? Furthermore, regular fight assistance helps to anchor the character revamp. Every time you modify something, the person moves up a level. Regardless of multiple factors such as hits points, property loss, speed, firing pace, spawning duration, weapons length, and Winning Coin Rewards. In just about any case, all you need is a single click to completely rebuild the space.


Each hero or player f this game has his own wonderful weapons and special abilities to kill his enemy. Some heroes have pistols, some have the ability to more quickly, some of them can play for a few seconds, on the other hand, other heroes will more slowly. They have five sockets to destroy. Each character has his own equipment to destroy his opponent.


In a game, assuming you know how to make companions and help out various adversaries, you will learn and work on your agreement. They will show you numerous significant illustrations as well as give you fantastic playing procedures. On account of that, you will have more functional experience, which can be applied in shooting screens at FRAG Pro Shooter. Moreover, you additionally have the potential chance to join gatherings, hitting clubs of individuals with a similar energy for looking further into one another.

Mod Features

•          Infinite coins

•          Revival of characters

•          Access to equipment

•          Unlock characters

•          Joining new flaggers


FRAG Pro Shooter is an extraordinary game that incorporates astounding interactivity, splendid shading illustrations and heaps of lovely activity stages. The game’s current circumstance depends on a 3D stage joined with many impacts, giving you an incredible visual encounter. The person control is very adaptable, the point of interaction is planned logically to assist you with effectively controlling easily. Likewise, the sound is exuberant and intriguing.

By and large, FRAG Pro Shooter is an extremely habit-forming internet shooting match-up and has many intriguing things to investigate. Remember to get done with the responsibilities every day to get more awards after each fight. The game is accessible for Android gadgets, you can download through the connections beneath this article.


How can I get more strong characters in this game.

You can choose the character of your choice or run the list of characters that are given in the game.

Is it safe to download?

It is more secure and safe to download. Because it is not harmful to your device.


At last but not least, we can say that Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is a wonderful marvelous, and incredible game. It fills your hearts with pleasure, fun, and happiness. By playing this game you can get more and unspeakable experience of action battle. It is the amalgamation of defeat and rival.

The game interface is amazing and easily accessible and the player doesn’t face any difficulty while playing it. You can change your character or heroes when you want. You can enhance the power of your character by commanding them and by improving their abilities. Don’t be late, go to the download button and enjoy this.

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