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Download Greenify Pro Apk with the latest Greenify Donation Package Apk donation Greenify is designed and maintained by Oasis Fang. Its tag pulls off an application that allows you to put your applications in a temporary state of disability. So that will enable you to free up RAM references that it’s not a task killer. They also need to understand that this is not a freezing type of application. Some of the titanium backup that this does essentially disables the app when you’re not using it. So if you want to use your device battery for long-lasting, this hibernate app is a perfect choice. It allows users to hibernate any android apps running in the background. In the free version, it can work with only non-systems apps. If you need the app works with the system application, you must need Greenify Donate Apk.

The donate apk is not free at all. To get the paid tools, you must pay. Don’t worry if you don’t want to make any payments. We are going to share Greenify Pro Apk for free.

What is Greenify Pro Apk?

Greenify is a free app for both roots and unroots users, designed for the Android platform. The maximum of the features is available in the free version. In donate version, users can hibernate system apps running in the background if they want the best battery-saving app.

If you want to get the best performance, we suggest rooting the phone. The android root user can enable Aggressive Doze Mode, which performs more effectively. It’s a must-have app that can stop background applications. So, to get more long-lasting battery backup in the device and boost RAM performance.

Greenify Donation Package Apk

If you are unsatisfied with your mobile battery and speed performance, you’re at the right place. Greenify free version offers basic features, unlike the donation package has some advanced features that can dramatically increase device performance. This paid version can hibernate any apps on Android phones running in the background. For example, if greenify donation package apk install on a smartphone, there is no need to use any other battery health app. The best thing about the app is its simple and effective user interface, where there is no need to be an expert in using this app. You can install it from the Google Play Store and enjoy the best battery saver app for android. In this article, we share Greenify Pro Apk that offers some extra features. So, if you want to download Greenify’s latest version, find the link above.

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Features of The Application

Boost Mode

In this mode, many features are available to save battery drain. To enable this feature device needs to install Xposed Installer. Boost mode is a patched Android framework that allows Greenify to make hibernate apps without the slow root.

GCM push notification to wake hibernated apps

To enjoy this feature, first, you need to install the Xposed framework installer. In this mode, the Google service framework is patched to GCM broadcast to wake the hibernated apps. So, users can greenify desired apps to receive push messages.

Please note that some apps create their connection to push background service. Unfortunately, these apps won’t survive while hibernation happens. As a result, they will fail to get push messages.

Clean User Interface

Greenify’s Latest Apk comes with a clean and straightforward UI. Now it’s clear to understand the full functionality and operation.

Aggressive Doze

It can improve power saving if you enter the doze mode in minutes instead of hours after the screen turns off. Doze mode is a new battery power-saving feature introduced in Android 6.0. In this mode, all types of background activities of all apps will be terminated. Only while listed apps are out of the termination will this mode run continuously until after the device’s charging.

Automatic Hibernation

There are many apps available in the Play Store for hibernating apps. Unfortunately, most of them can’t automatically do that, or they can’t do it smoothly. Here Greenify makes automatic hibernation minutes after the screen goes off.

Always Ignore Background Free

Most of the apps on our device are background free, meaning those apps don’t drain the battery. This battery health app can detect background-free apps and ignore them. Don’t worry. There is also an option for including them in the hibernation list.


Greenify Pro apk is the most recommended one. It can detect which apps consume more battery and make those automatically hibernate. Not only does this, but it can also make the device faster by killing slowing down apps. For example, after the Android release, version 6.0 and higher greenify work with the non-root device.

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