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App NameIdle Heroes Mod Apk
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Idle Heroes is an awesome role-playing game from DHGAMES. Idle Heroes MOD APK 2022 is the unlocked premium version of this incredible video game.

Idle Heroes MOD is an innovative, award-winning game that will make you feel like you’re in the spotlight. Only shadows and leaves follow you on one side of a forest path. While exploring new lands, gather resources for building or crafting items.

You need to explore the world of the gods. There are 200 characters and sounds designed by our creative team in it. It’s an exciting game where you fight enemies all over the world with this MOD.


Idle Heroes is a casual game where you control a hero that travels through levels collecting items and gold coins while fighting monsters. The gameplay mechanics are similar to turn-based RPGs, but you move around in your own time.

It is a game in which you have unlimited power and there is no end in sight. You must fight other players, or computer-generated enemies, for that matter.  You will have some of the most powerful weapons at your control, as well as teams made up of various heroes all fighting for victory.

What’s New

The shadow assassin will come to visit this month. You can travel into Ithaqua’s realm for new challenges on the Celestial Island if you can face your fears.

The MOD will recreate celestial islands with loot chests containing powerful items from his world’s ancient times.

Here is the latest update to Comeback Radio. With this release, you’ll get some exciting new features, as well as all our old favorites. The Backup Stone feature allows players to save converted stones with the proper traits in backup slots.

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Idle Heroes MOD APK Features

Worldwide Arena

Watch your best heroes in ARENA. You can compete against other online players in order to gain glory. Getting close to the top of the leaderboard by getting kills or assists while working as a team is an excellent way to get ahead.

Unlimited Coins/Gems

Idle Heroes has been around for over a decade. With millions of downloads and fans worldwide, it is no wonder this app attracts developers who wish to create new MODs.

You can explore new worlds and fight enemies in this game. Players can use all their gems without being limited by the original app’s supply, so there is more excitement.

Evolving Strategy

There are more than 200 heroes to choose from in Fantasia. Train your warriors in different skills for the army or convert them into spirit material so they can evolve.


Battle your friends and fellow players for control of the floating continent. As you battle against other guilds, earn prestige that you can use to upgrade equipment or buy additional tokens.

Unlocked All Heroes

With MOD APK Idle Heroes , you can unlock all of your character’s potential. You can enjoy a fully functional version with this one-time payment that does not require gems or time investment.

Idle Heroes Mod Gameplay

This game allows you to start with a single character and slowly build your team up. Each level in the game contains elements that will help them grow stronger. Make the hero taller so he will be able to stand up to evil forces when the time comes. Furthermore, you can also help your own personal Hero by giving them guidance on how to get better.

Only the player’s character can save them from the evil that will take over if they don’t take action. In this game, the main objective is to form a team and defeat monsters by fighting together with other adventurers in order not to be outnumbered or defeated.

The game requires a team of strong players to form and attack the evil. By completing all levels, they bring ultimate victory to themselves as well.

Idle Heroes APK FAQ’s

How can I update this MOD Idle Heroes APK?

You can be sure that whenever a new version of this game is released, we will update it as soon as possible for you. Check back soon.

How high is the level of heroes in this MOD?

You can improve your heroes to their maximum level, 40. You can also update each character’s skill to enhance specific skills and abilities to match your playstyle.

How many are idle heroes’ codes?

Here are some idle heroes promo codes that you can use.IH777 – Heroic Summon Scrolls x40
NEWIH2021 – Holiday code for free stuff
MerryXmas2020 – Holiday code for free stuff
IHTHX12: Heroic Summons Scrolls x5, Gems x500
101GIFT: Heroic Summons Scrolls x10, Glorious Relics x10
FZKHY666: Heroic Summon Scrolls x30, Prophet Orbs x18, Gems x2400
FZQB1023: Glorious Relics x18
FZQBZSY: Gems x1888
IH777: Heroic Summons Scrolls x40

How to get the idle heroes to hack?

In idle heroes, you collect heroes, weapons, and items to make them unique. The premium features can only be accessed with an APK hack, which provides unlimited gems/money and all costumes.

Which heroes are the best in idle Heroes?

Over 200 heroes are in the game, but some of them are special. Here is a list of their unique abilities.

  • Kroos
  • Support
  • Das Moge
  • Damage
  • Sigmund
  • Damage + Support
  • Brain
  • Support


Check out Idle Heroes MOD APK if you’re looking for a game that lets your imagination run wild and allows you to have as many different adventures as you can handle in one day. Idle heroes MOD is a game you can play on your mobile device. Both the interface and gameplay are enjoyable.

As a general in the army, your mission is to protect the world from an evil force that is engulfing it in darkness. Explore different locations using stars as a guide. You will be able to choose your own character, and they won’t all look alike. By unlocking features, you can make it more unique than other players.

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