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App NameKeepSafe
Offer PriceFree
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
Size30.8 MB


Description: Keepsafe app for pc is a premium photo and video vault that helps users keep their photos and videos away from prying eyes and from getting into the wrong hands. Keepsafe secures users photos and videos with the help of a Pin lock, fingerprint authentication and a high military grade encryption. The app has been downloaded and is used by millions across the world. The app boasts of a number of features which makes it an effective vault for locking and keeping safe the personal and private photos and videos of its users.


  • Protect your videos and photos
  • Security features like PIN and Finger print authentication
  • Share photos in a timed manner
  • Backup your photos and videos 
  • Ads free
  • Captures photos of any attempted break-in
  • Sync media across various devices


  • Protects users privacy
  • Users reliable security functions
  • Users can share a photo and limit the duration for viewing the photo
  • Allows users backup their files
  • Allows the syncing of media across various devices


  • issues may occur with updates 
  • not compatible with other devices
  • may delete media without authorization
  • some functions only available in the premium version.

App Features

Keepsafe app for pc is trusted by millions of users to help them protect their photos and videos at all times which the app does quite well. The Keepsafe app is able to protect users by keeping their valuable media from falling into the wrong hands by using its military grade encryption.

Reliable security

Combining the features of fingerprint authentication and PIN security Keepsafe makes it a nightmare for anyone trying to steal or access a users’ photo or videos stored away in the app.

Store and backup files

You can store and backup files in the private cloud in Keepsafe app for pc where you can keep over 10,000 items safely stored away and in the vent of the loss of your device you can still access them.

Photo sharing timing

Using this fun feature a user can share a photo and limit how long it can be seen by the receiver; when the duration expires the photo disappears.

Break-in capture feature

This feature makes it impossible for anyone to steal the media of Keepsafe app for pc users. When anyone tries to access the photos or videos, Keepsafe prevents this and actually takes a picture of anyone attempting to break-in.

How to Install Keepsafe App for PC

Keepsafe can be installed and used on your PC although there are no PC versions; it’s available on Android in the Google Play store. To download and use on your PC you would need an emulator like Bluestacks, this enables you run android apps smoothly on PC.

How to install

To download and install is quite simple.

  1. Firstly get the Bluestacks emulator on your PC by clicking on this link
  2. Run the setup by running the app as an administrator
  3. Open Bluestacks via the icon on your desktop and go to the Playstore icon displayed
  4. Enter your Gmail to access the store once opened enter the name “Keepsafe” into the search bar
  5. The app will show install it in your system
  6. Click on the icon once download is complete to begin using

How to use

Follow these steps to use the Keepsafe app

  1. Click on the Keepsafe icon to open the app
  2. You would be presented with the blue user interface click on the “I am a new user option”
  3. You would be taken to a screen where you need to create your 4 digit PIN, create it
  4. Keepsafe will also request for your email to boost your security enter the email
  5. Next you would get to a separate screen where you are select what to store pick from the options
  6. If you want to store already existing pictures just click on the “import photos” option
  7. Select the photos you want to store away
  8. There you are all done


We recommend the Keepsafe app for pc for anyone who wants to ensure their photos and videos are always safe both from loss and theft. With Keepsafe you can be sure that no matter what your media will be hid safely away from malicious and dubious individuals.

Best Alternatives for Keepsafe App for PC

Here are other similar photo and video lockers.


This amazing app functions as a photo, video and app locker. Sgallery uses an AES encryption to safely encrypt and keep hidden away content you don’t want anyone to see. The Sgallery also makes it impossible for anyone to view your photo downloads which you have downloaded from your browser.

To install and use follow these steps:

  1. Download the Bluestacks emulator into your PC
  2. Navigate to the Playstore through the Playstore icon in Bluestacks and search for Sgallery in the search bar
  3. Once downloaded click on the app to install and begin using.

Hide pictures, hide photos and videos, Gallery Vault

This app ensures that users can have their photos, videos and gallery hidden away from anyone who wants to access them illegally.  The app also prevents break-ins allows users sync with other devices and also store information in the cloud storage.

To download and install:

  1. Get a Bluestacks emulator on your PC and install  complete installation then proceed to the Playstore in the emulator
  2. Search for the app and click on the install button to download into your Bluestacks
  3. Once its finished installing open via the icon to begin using

LockMy Pix secret photo vault

This app focuses on helping users keep private their photos, videos from private individuals. The app delivers this by using a reliable AES encryption combined with security features such as Facial recognition, pattern and PIN verification.  Users can also monitor anyone who tries to access their photos and videos, they can also create albums and sub albums within the app.

To download and install:

  1. Get the Bluestacks emulator by downloading from the official site
  2. Once you are done downloading, install the emulator and open to use
  3. Search for Camfrog in the Playstore icon on your Bluestacks
  4. Download and begin to use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Keepsafe app?

Keepsafe is security app that functions as a vault for safely storing away photos and videos

What are the devices Keep safe is compatible with?

Keepsafe is compatible with android devices but can be used on your PC via the use of a Bluestacks emulator

How do I get it on my PC?

Download an emulator like Bluestacks this will enable you run the Keepsafe app on your PC

Is the Keepsafe app free?

Yes! The app is free to download and use but there is also a paid premium version where you can use all the features


Keepsafe app for pc is known for being an effective picture and video vault that can be trusted to keep users information safely hidden away at all times. It is able to keep away and also record attempted break-ins, provides a combo of security features to keep users media safe and a private cloud storage enabling users store their files safely. To enjoy privacy on your photos and media this app is for you.

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