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App NameKineMaster Mod
GenreVideo Players and Editors
Size83.66 MB
MOD FeaturesFull Unlocked | No Watermark
Last Updated2 Days Ago

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For Android devices, KineMaster Pro is an unlocked, watermark-free video editing tool. With this straightforward application, you can edit videos on your phone with a variety of features.  They will make your content stand out among the others. Creating great content will be easy for any beginner or pro in today’s crowded market.

With KineMaster MOD APK, you can edit videos in a professional manner. With KineMaster Pro green screen layers, overlays, and fonts, you can easily edit and create videos at the same time. The free version has limited features not available in the paid version for Android users.  You can now edit videos on any device, not just smartphones if you want more control.


KineMaster MOD APK is an amazing video editing app for your Android device. It contains all the features you would find in PC software, such as multi-layer edits, chroma key support, and more. This piece of work offers the ability to cut/paste, trim audio, add voice-over dubbing, and use filters. So, there are plenty of features to satisfy any professional.

KineMaster is a really useful app for content creators so wherever you are on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram you can always find inspiration by making videos.

What’s New

With the use of this plugin, you can search for assets from within your Media Element or Typography Manager library by category. It also allows users to install custom fonts and apply previously used fonts on the newly added text to adjust it as desired without having changed its original file name, all through an intuitive interface.

The Replace option has been moved from the Video tab to a new options menu. With this change, users can replace their videos on social media more easily than before.

KineMaster MOD APK Features

Live Recording

You can make quick and easy videos with this app. In Camtasia Studio, you can record video in real-time, so you don’t have to stop your work every five minutes or so. To save your recording, tap the red button at the top.

Managing Speed

This new app will change the way you edit videos. The speed of your videos can be changed from slow to fast with just one click, and there are so many cool effects you won’t find anywhere else.

KineMaster Asset Store

KineMaster’s Asset Store is a treasure trove for video editors. You could easily spend days browsing, trying out new effects or frameworks, and choosing the ones best suited to your needs.

Multi-Track Sound

You can add and play eight audio tracks at once with the KineMaster in the mixing room of the studio. This is very useful when editing a rap album or music video together because many different people are involved in creating this type of content.

An Extensive Media Library

The Media library is like your own personal video store, with each clip organized into different folders. Due to KineMaster’s unique media gallery and easy-to-use playback feature, you’ll never have to spend hours searching for the right file again.

Voice Recording

You can preview your video with any audio recording and easily add voice-over tracks to make motivational or commentary videos with KineMaster. You will still be able to express your own opinion, without worrying about how it sounds.

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KineMaster MOD APK Gameplay

The powerful video editing system of KineMaster MOD APK makes it a perfect app for those who wish to use their device for editing. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use.

With the smartphone in your pocket, you can do anything. This all-inclusive app allows you to edit and create the most engaging experience from good videos.

A smartphone is a perfect tool for making videos. Video recording and editing on your phone can help you create outstanding content. You no longer need extra equipment because this handy editor comes with a powerful editor. you can record any event without hassle or stress since it comes with a built-in editor.

KineMaster MOD APK FAQ’s

What is KineMaster?

The best video editor for filmmakers is KineMaster. It features a variety of tools, including transition effects and audio tracks, so you can edit your videos like never before.

Is KineMaster a free app?

You can use KineMaster free for 14 days. After the trial period, you’ll need to purchase a license key to continue using the program.

Is KineMaster available for PC?

No, KineMaster is not available for PC. It is only available for mobile devices.

Is it safe to download KineMaster MOD APK?

You can keep your videos secure and private with KineMaster. No security violations and privacy breaches have been reported on this platform, so it’s even safer.

Can I use KineMaster pro for YouTube?

There are many YouTubers who use KineMaster Pro because of its advanced features. These include image stabilization, slow-motion capture, and more.

Does KineMaster MOD APK have a Watermark?

YouTube creators can remove copyright symbols on their videos with a new app called KineMaster. A modified version of KineMaster can be downloaded for no charge or a free version of KineMaster can be downloaded.


You can use KineMaster MOD APK on your iPhone or iPad for essential video editing features. These tools, such as chroma key effects or cutting up video clips into smaller pieces, can be used.  As an alternative to Final Cut Pro X, this FREE app will keep your tablet running smoothly.

If you are looking for an app that can help turn good videos into great ones, KineMaster is the app for you. Content designers can create great projects with tools like chroma key and picture layers in this program.

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