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App NameLumaFusion: Pro Video Editing
GenreVideo Editing
Size32.2 MB
PublisherGoogle Play
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
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LumaFusion APK is the most popular IOS film, especially for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. In this app you can change video like a pro. You can download LumaFusion APK for free with a good interface from []

Lumafusion is a powerful video editor. If you are a filmmaker, a film editor, a generator, journalist, professional actress, will be for you. This program will make all of your needs you want to do with your videos

As your Pro you must have a professional video clip like Lumafusion editor, an activist Actiondirector and PowerDirector’s movie and video editor to make a video and video that creates a movie “Real video.

For the video, you must have all the necessary tools like transfer videos, moving videos, increase the speed of video, recording video must create a moving picture. , add your music library with your videos, your video editor should use a variety of films for video. So all of this you see in the northern film mentioned above.

It is used by many working professionals around the world. If you are looking for LUMAFUSION Pro APK with all the open equipment you should look at the following steps. We will cover the full interface of the APK Android to show all your doubts about this amazing device.

Free Editor Editor with free alternative music is an easy way to create, to change and publish your Android video. Find this easy video and videos to create and share videos on YouTube, Face eBook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. Add topics, censorship, products, change, emoji, articles, music and many others. Editor for HD Video Software is the tool of improving video you need daily to have the most useful options for the film of a short time.

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Features of LumaFusion APK

LUMAFUSION APK for PC has a lot of eaves to change the video to the good. Real work is to understand how to work in each part before changing professional video or for difficult reasons. So, we have a correct list of what you see in this amazing device.

Multiple Editing Tracks

At the end of a lumafusion video, you need to be careful and discreet regardless of the reason. This is because you can see a difficult problem if you find something wrong with your videos. To make this job easier, you can find a number of frames on the screen when changing a video.

For example, if you upload a video or censorship, you will see the path under your trailer. In this way you can easily adjust the various coordinates to correct the censorship. If you have used VIV Video Mod APK in your life you should know that.

Number of Transition Effects

Many designers say that the latest and most effective result of other materials other than Photoshop Mod APK. The reason you will not see a single version to create a perfect video with your free device. With Lumafusion APK for Android you get a list of answers.

This means that you can make real changes in various videos. In addition, you can create a variety of videos and pictures and add a correctional product to get a perfect form. No one will know that you have added a pic if you correct their place and apply another change.

Can be Integrated With Other Devices

If you work as an Editor to a Small Editor, you need to show people your work to benefit. In addition, you need to confirm if the videos or not to give a good picture on the big screen. In this case, you need to change the software that can be added to the phone or PC.

The damaged APK Lumafusion gives you it when you can date your device on a computer or project. Instead, you can watch the video on the main picture when the adjustment is finished or looking at the picture on the pole. In this way you will make changes to your device, but they will be revealed to the project that they can see clearly.

Easy to Insert Any Media File

With a quick growth on YouTube and other video fields, video creation, mixing various videos, and usual music additions, has become commonplace. Would you like to place media files on patch you like? LUMAFUSION APK 2023 helps you do this with a simple pressure.

You can add a kind of television such as Audio files, video, text, etc. Using a easy button to see. In short, the work for all printers is easier and faster.

Hide & Lock Feature

In some cases, you can change a particular video or video that needs to be shared with others. In this case, you need to close the videos before and after correction. Some think that video change does not last long. But it’s a real step that may take hours or days depending on the difficulty of your work.

If there is anything wrong with the installation process, your video should be safe even if you can’t get into your device. LUMAFUSION APK for Android gives locks and cover you can work. Otherwise no one will see your work and change your duty. It’s good to make a mobile video or a distance from your phone.

Latest Features

Everyone changing a video in accordance with the generation of this generation. If you correct your videos using traditional equipment and censorship, you will not attract many audience. So, you need to choose a device that will give you the last look when changing a video.

The most important thing you can see at Lumafusion Pro APK free to correct the speed of the video. You may have seen slow and fast video in different categories. You can see this type of video in viewing some movies. With Lumafusion APK for PC, you can do it by adjusting the speed of the clip by simple pressure. If you want to add modern music on your videos, you have to visit this video editor Pro.


  • Lumafusion offers six films, Audio, title, photos and pictures
  • Lumafusion devouring music, audio, and six descriptives.
  • Magzing time with additional adding as adding / writing and links / deletions
  • Lumafusion offers new topics to hide, close and block all music.
  • More about video change
  • Show your photos on the outer screen
  • Add notes to talk about updates


  • The Keyframe voice level is the perfect mix
  • Listen to your mix as you adjust the level of railroad
  • Write left and right to record two mono songs
  • Choose music from multiple files (appropriate for windows records)
  • Gana’s song in the background during an interview with Auto-Ducking
  • Add audio and EQ filter


  • Many elements of the design such as pixel effects, blur, color and distortion
  • LumaFusion allows all kinds of adjustments to solve various problems, for example, fluorescent lighting
  • Unlimited products can be created through any design and color.
  • Filters Chroma keys for green screens, blue screens, old keys and more
  • Add 100 keyframes to change your look or color.
  • You can easily see all your changes in real time.
  • Store and share toys and moving products
  • Copy and paste the effect and attributes between the clips

Slow and Fast Motion

  • Creates slower and faster animations
  • Fast forward and your video is healed.
  • Supports 120 and 240 fps slow-mo. video files and long video files.

Media Library

Import files from other applications and emails.
You can import files from Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive.
Import files from Flash Disks, Network Disks and more
Download videos stored in the iCloud Photo Library directly in the app
View all metadata and details about your file.
Rename, add notes, color markers and broken clips to the library


  • Create compelling themes with notes, sections, shapes and images
  • You can change the font values, textures, colors and feel.
  • You can easily add new fonts
  • Keep in mind your choice or method
  • You can change your theme with actions and edits.


  • You can easily share projects on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other apps as well as Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud Drive, and Google drive, among others.
  • Stream directly to Flash disks and network disks, and more.
  • You can set up projects with a variety of featured options up to 4k on iPhone and iPad.
  • You can export video and audio separately.

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Why Choose LumaFusion APK?

I have explained all the parts of the program and after reading them all I am sure that you will use this app for video editing. If you are a YouTuber, I recommend you download video editing software. by using this program you can convert videos into professional ones because this program has many features that allow you to create any kind of videos you like.


I use LumaFusion APK software to create videos and I love this software so much that I can create all kinds of videos. And I looked at the idea for this app and I found that the idea was almost perfect. Everyone is satisfied with this application for video sharing.

If you want to learn video editing for free you need to download LumaFusion cracked APK. You must follow a specific procedure for all neutral areas. Also, you should remember that you have to go through a process if the device asks you to login or register your account. This is because you will be returned to the course for free.

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