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App NameModern Ops Mod APK
Size572 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesShow Enemies, No Recoil, Spread
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Modern Ops Mod APK is an online FPS gun shooter game. It is a marvelous job by EDKON games. You will spend your time honing your shooting skills and you will find different kinds of guns have like rifles, pistols, shotguns and so on. And you have to spend a lot of money to buy them, select between hundreds of guns from a large arsenal and effective gears which help you in your mission.

And you can enjoy this game whenever and you want, in this game players wherever joined other fellows in the action-armed combat. On one side, we have a black Ops shooter who has determined to accomplish his mission, and on the other side a criminal. Who himself went to complete his missions, it is up to you that who will win the battle because your skills will decide the wheat her you are a winner or a loser. Choose different kinds of unique weapons to let down your opponents. You can challenge the players globally and set your seat among prestigious leaders.


Let’s talk about its worthy features  

Unlimited Money.

Money is of great significance in-game life because you can buy everything regarding the game. This game has required a lot of money to buy new weapons or guns and skills. The OBB file modified version has unlimited money to get unlimited money you just have to download the OBB file exactly. If you will find in problem in installing the OBB file you will contact me, I will show you how you can install it.

Limitless Ammo

The unlimited Ammo features of this game will help you to win every combat. If you required unlimited Ammo or bullets then you have to download the mod version Modern Ops Mod APK and enjoy winning in action you have dire needs of unlimited weapons ammo, which you buy with unlimited money. But here you are free from any extra expenditure on ammo. You can get the ammo just by installing and accepting the challenges enjoy it.

Simple Addictive Gameplay

It is addictive gameplay, the game intuitive makes it more interesting. You will feel pleasure while playing this game which has a lot of weapons maps, game modes, realistic graphics, and so on. Modern ops Mod APK is rich with easy and smooth controls, vivid 3D graphics, and exciting gameplay. This game is gotten popular globally and get promoted to higher leagues among other shooting games.

Let Down Enemies in Levels

A player can easily get control of other action characters because it is similar to other FPS games. A player can use two fire buttons on either side of the unseen to suspires his opponents while meeting. The environment of this game is designed so differently and nicely for the use of players. You can move your way by HUD environment factors also help your take care of as no one can go ahead without using the strategy to win.

The one thing that is most appreciable is that you can hide or support your fellows. If you lose health in the game a plus sign is given which is located on the right side of the screen, this is a sort of signal that tells others that you need blood immediately. This function has limited it is necessary for you to be healthy in order to defeat or let down your enemy because of the destruction of your enemy’s health or winning sign.

Unlock Guns

Guns equipment or armors are of great importance in any combat, in this game, you can use guns of your choice for example grenades and killstreak’s function. The list of guns is different you can select one of them according to the need of time. You will require special skills to unlock the guns and you have to have the money to buy them. You have to increase your level by using the gun to defeat your enemy.

When you enhance your level, you will get exceptional items. You will be able to change your skins and many more which will e helpful for you to take down your enemies to unlock the guns make you more accurate in aiming at enemies.

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Main Features

  • More than 30 guns and pistols, select the game shooting tact’s for combat sniper shotgun and assault rifles.
  • 10 players in PVP action game.
  • Join fellows combat against other players globally.
  • Playing in squad by creating your own clan.
  • Get promoted to higher levels.
  • Complete interaction and guest missions.
  • Unique optimization.
  • Update in regular basic.
  • Full speed.
  • Frees enemies.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How I can download Modern Ops Mod APK from Google Playstore?

No, you have to spend a lot of money to get these guns and other items.

Can I play this game as a team?

Yes, you can play this game as a team by creating your clan. This makes it easy to enjoy team games.


Modern Ops Mod APK is the first-person shooter game, which has gained spectacular among the list of best FPS shooter game experience, exciting graphics and wide range of maps and different types of armor make it more interesting. You can play with unique abilities to increase your chance of winning the battle. Download the game and enjoy the latest version of the action game.

Please comment below if you find any problems.  Thanks!

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