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The new game from Cheritz is called Mystic Messenger, and it appears to be a big success. You discover an app with over 5 million downloads called “Mystic Messenger MOD APK.” It turns out it is connected to a mysterious group chat filled with hot guys and girls. But don’t worry. It will remain a secret. It will have a lot of fun adventures in store for anyone who is willing to participate.

Facebook client allows you to chat with friends using an instant messenger’s features like emoticons or text-based conversations. You can send messages via social networks and chat apps in this game.


A message from Mystic Messenger informs the player that they have been accepted into a chat room full of hot males. To learn about the secrets of this fascinating community, you must join the Mystic Messenger society. Enjoy your own unique storyline while playing the game. The game has plenty more to offer.

Everything looks great in this game. Design and color make it easy on your eyes while playing. Players can chat via Facebook messenger or SMS. They can choose whichever method works best for them because there are multiple ways to contact people here at any time while playing. Communication is easy even if someone doesn’t have a social media account.

What’s New

Here is the new Mystic Messenger. Many updates and changes are included. The most notable change is that you can use your coins on the ever-popular Christmas DLC event for 30% off.  It will run from December 1st through January 5th. Please don’t miss out if this interests you in any way because you won’t always get another chance like this again soon enough.

Modded SM already loves its Mystic Messenger mods. Do you realize that this is only the beginning? With more events coming soon, things are about to get even better.

Login reward for Christmas has just gone live and it’s worth celebrating with your friends.

Mystic Messenger MOD APK Features

2D Graphics

Even though Mystic Messenger is a 2D game, its graphics are vibrant and colorful. They made this app more appealing to make it more enjoyable for players. Mystic Messenger’s graphics are a blend of Japanese cartoons and comics that will delight fans but turn some gamers off.

Interesting Characters

Characters in Mystic Messenger will be aware of your presence and may even mention it. First, the characters can see each other. You can then do things in response. You can move around and talk to others. They cannot communicate with you back and forth.

The player was glad to learn that the group chat was for your type of game. You entered the game blindly, not knowing what to say or do. As time progressed, you began interacting with other characters and figuring things out.

Have Fun in Chatroom

You can chat with other players in the game, and it has other interesting features as well. You’ll be able to explore various characters while learning about their backstories through discussions or emails sent between players. It will be fun.

Shop in-Game

You can use the Mystic Messenger Cheat APK to get goods to help you through levels in the game, as well as equipment that might come in useful on your character. There are many categories for all kinds of players, so feel free to take a look.

Access to Unlocked Features

The free and fully unlocked version of MOD Mystic Messenger APK is now available for download from this website. As a result, this app is now more accessible than ever with ads or purchasing in-app content.

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Mystic Messenger Gameplay

Mystic Messenger is one of the most popular female-oriented mobile games that has more than five million downloads and registered users. In this anime-inspired world where all characters are beautiful, you lead your own mystical group.

It is a story-based, player-interactive adventure where you will choose your own path. The new update adds more features and even offers special illustrations for the titles when they appear under any chosen order.

Since it offers five million players who are extremely satisfied with its gameplay, the Play store was awarded the editor’s choice award. We have released a new APK Mystic Messenger MOD  that includes all unlocked features, such as Unlimited Hourglass Calling Card.

Mystic Messenger MOD FAQ’s

What happens if you miss a day in Mystic Messenger?

You need 36% participation to have a quality or normal ending for your saved game. One day of gameplay missed will also affect the quality of that scene. Don’t miss any days and be ready to load earlier on those later ones.

Is Mystic Messenger safe?

If you were worried about this, it is completely safe and does not violate any rules. Your account will not be banned for using these cheat codes because there is no hacking in Mystic Messenger.

How to get hearts and hourglasses in Mystic Messenger MOD?

By selecting the (+) icon next to 100 Hearts and 1 Hourglass, you can also change your exchange rate. You’ll now have 100 Time Points instead of 90.

What is Mystic Messenger ?

The Mystic Messenger app is great for anyone who enjoys talking to strangers, has a sense of humor, and wants to have fun. Install this crazy chatbot, and you will laugh all day long.


There are many different endings to Mystic Messenger depending on how you play. Every character has a good and a bad ending. As well as five to seven “normal” endings that can be achieved by inviting enough guests and followers. What if there aren’t enough people? It will also count against your total.

If you have ever felt lonely and wanted something different, check out Mystic Messenger MOD APK. You will form a friendship with one of the characters.

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