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App NameNBA Live Mobile MOD
Size73 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy, Mega Shot, Menu
Last Updated3 Days Ago


NBA Live Mobile MOD APK allows you to pick your favorite team and compete with other users. As a game developed by Electronic Arts, it has all those fancy graphics that make for an amazing experience.

It is a great basketball game from EA Games. It lets you play against your friends or random opponents all over the world, and its graphics are stunning. You will enjoy this game if you are a basketball fan. Build your own team as an owner.


The team of NBA Live Mobile MOD APK is so powerful that it could beat any other team on the planet. Improve your superstars to make them even more effective and see how much you’re improving. You will be able to see who is playing where with an easy-to-use interface that makes upgrading simple. every time.

You can challenge your friends in a 3v3 match and show off your skills. You can choose between different courts, with an audience watching.

In this new basketball game, you can be a part of a league and draft players from 30 teams. Your team can either be the Lakers or the Nuggets.

What’s New

NBA Live’s new season will be here before you know it.

How will you spend your summer?

There is nothing more exciting than the return of EA SPORTS’ popular basketball video game. This year’s entry promises to excite all sorts of sports fans with its EASHL mode, three different versions, including the Iconic Teams Pack, which features teams from two previous decades.

NBA Live Mobile MOD APK Features

NBA LIVE Mobile Mod APK is a game-changer for basketball fans. You’ll never get bored playing this awesome sport on your phone or tablet thanks to its amazing features.

Become an NBA Player

There are so many excellent sports available in the world today. A wide range of innovative and entertaining activities are available to us such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, golf, hockey, cricket, and baseball.

Just choose your team from all over the world.

Events and Campaigns

NBA Live Mobile MOD APK is a football game with tons of teams, modes, and content. In Campaigns, you can compete against other teams to unlock cool stuff like new campaigns.

Team Ultimate

You can play the game you love and wait for the draft to pick your ultimate team. Create an all-star squad or start with some young prospects and see how far they can go in this fantasy league.

Playball Stars Collective

NBA LIVE Mobile offers four levels of cards: bronze, silver, gold, and epic tinted red. On a scale from -5 to 5 stars, each star is worth more than the previous one, the overall rating for each card is based on all the indicators.

In EA Sports’ today’s game, you can assemble a team with players like Johnson, Harden, and Pippen.

Graphics and Sound Quality

The graphics of sports games appeal to players. In NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, all characters are very realistic and fun to play.

The ball flies through space with a soft, but noticeable sound. Arcade-style games are perfect for this because it makes you feel like you’re the hero in their world of battling to survive.

NBA Cash Without Limits

You need NBA Cash to purchase all the most popular items in NBA 2K19. The game is free, but you have to buy things with it. You can find it at a premium currency store where players can buy it for real money, or you can use a regular credit card to buy it.

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NBA Live Mobile MOD APK Gameplay

In this basketball game, you will control your favorite team and rise through the ranks. Buy new uniforms for your players and upgrade their skills. It’s all about the way you play.

Play against another human, but with one slight drawback, you don’t actually play against each other. In the game, both players create opponents of equal strength as themselves, so that no matter who wins or loses in real life, there will always be someone to replace them.

At the end of the season, the player with the most points win. In this game, there is a weekly reset in which all progress is erased, so you must start over every time you win, or your ratings rise. It can be seen in cards exclusive to 200 players who did well enough early on to still manage an amazing result.

NBA Live Mobile MOD APK FAQ’s

What is the latest version of NBA LIVE Mobile?

For Android users, you can download the latest version of NBA LIVE Mobile, version 6.20 20.

NBA LIVE Mobile an online game?

It’s a fast-paced way to play with your friends. Pro Am features LIVE Run and Summer Circuit, two innovative online multiplayer modes that let you compete on iconic indoor courts across North America as well as outdoor ones.

Is NBA LIVE Mobile available for mobile devices?

The app that brings you an unrivalled experience of NBA action on your phone is now available for both Android and iOS.

Do you have to pay for NBA Live Mobile?

The game is free to play, but you can purchase in-game currency to support it. It has become one of the most popular games on mobile devices. It’s also cracked and can be played for free with unlimited coins, gems, or cash.


This is a game where you will be thrown into an intense environment that will keep your attention from the very beginning. Basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are featured along with realistic graphics of each player. Every fan will be engaged from start to finish. Become a champion in the NBA Live Mobile MOD APK with its amazing features. Select from hundreds of players, complete challenges to level up faster, or buy upgrades with coins.

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