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App NameNetwork Analyzer Pro
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Network Analyzer Pro app helps users detect any problems or faults in their internet connections, Wi-Fi network setup and even issues with remote servers. The app works with a fast Wi-Fi device discovery tool that includes all LAN addresses, manufacturers’ names. The app also contains standard network diagnostic tools like ping, trace route, port scanner and others. It is also able to search thoroughly all neighborhood Wi-Fi networks and also ascertain their various strengths and encryption this helps it determine the best channel for a wireless router.


  • Wi-Fi signal meter
  • LAN scanner
  • Network connections
  • Routing Table
  • Remote hostname
  • Ping and Trace route
  • Network information
  • Internet speed


  • Users can detect problems with their connections
  • Helps users in solving connection problems
  • Helps discover best channel for a wireless router
  • Provides sufficient information on user’s network
  • Fast detection of reliable networks
  • Test internet download and upload speeds


  • The app is not free
  • May not function with all devices

App Features

Network Analyzer Pro app for pc gives a graphical illustration of the signal strengths of any network available and also the channels available so users are informed of the right choices to make 

LAN Scanner

The app is able to detect quickly all and any device and can also provide the vendor, IP name of all discovered devices. Users can also set a custom device name and filter and search in the discovered device list.

Network connections

Here connections made by other apps, with the local and remote address and port number can be viewed.

Internet speed

Allows users test for download and upload speed and also provides history of speed test

Routing Table and Internet information

Provides network information such as IP address, signal strength and network provider alongside with information on the destination and gateway used for routing.


If you want to better understand your connections, how they work and the best for you. You need the Network Analyzer Pro app its array of tools is built to help you choose only the best connections and also help you solve any connection issues you may run into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Network Analyzer Pro app for PC free?

No! The app must be purchased before you can use

How can I use it on my PC?

With the aid of an emulator you can run it easily on your PC

Does the app function on particular operating systems?

It works well on both android and iOS

Which is the best Network analyzing app?

There are so many apps out there but the Network Analyzer Pro is the best and most effect in what it does.

Best Alternatives for Network Analyzer APP

Here are other alternatives to Network Analyzer Pro app for PC, Mobile

Network Manager

This is an app that is suitable for managing networks, it allows users to get more control over their network choices this it achieves with its array of professional network tools that gives users better performance and accuracy from their networks.


Fing is a name you can trust, this completely free app functions as a very fast network scanner and its gotten quite a following form all over the world. From professionals who use it in their workplace to homeowners. Fing helps users locate intruders in their networks, sift network security risks, troubleshoot network problems and also get users the best performance from their network.

IP Tools 

This is a powerful and useful tool for speeding up and setting up networks. It helps fix your network problems and comes with a simple user interface that provides users all the information they need at once making it easy to access and understand. It’s useful for travelers as it helps them fix their network problem even when they are hundreds of kilometers away. It also grants administrators access to the most popular network utilities which they often need on their computers.


Network Analyzer Pro app for pc is the app for analyzing your network connections with over 5 million installs in the Playstore alone it’s an app that is apt at what it does. Now you can understand your networks properly and make important decisions as regards your connection. You can also get the best form your networks by being able to determine which works better and also troubleshoot any problems which might result. Get the Network Analyzer Pro app now.

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