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App NameNotability : Easy note-Taking & Annotation
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Notability is a well-built note-taker app that sketches ideas, annotate documents, record lectures take notes, and lots of more. To make notes it’ll assist you that satisfy your needs by handwriting, combining typing, photos, and sound recording. To iCloud support, these notes are often quickly available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. We are getting to mention during this article on the Mac OS how Notability works.


  • Notes create quickly.
  • Notes amplify.
  • Sharp-witted keyboard.
  • Different types of fonts.
  • Variation of colors.
  • Multiple writing styles.
  • Best handwriting skills.
  • Sound Recording.
  • Import Sound.


  • Storage document.
  • Document review history.
  • Observation and markups.
  • Task scheduler.
  • Note synchronize.
  • Grouping share.
  • Find functionality.
  • File recovery.


  • On other broadly available OS, it might be available.
  • So much friendlier the interface.

App Features

Notability for Pc could even be a very strong note-taker application, what features make this app to be ready to perform the good works you would be getting to know, it does like sketches, handwriting, and scaling, enhancing notes and ensuring that the notes on iPhone, iPad, and Mac all look an equivalent. Some features are given below:

  • Quick notes creation.

To quickly create notes Notability helps you by crawling your documents, audio clips, or photos from the desktop and drop them into your library.

  • Notes enhancing.

Your notes by crawling it enhance your audio recordings, PDFs, and photos from your C-Drive and drop them on to notice.

  • Smart Keyboard.

With a wise keyboard, it involves helping the guard on your devices from the bark because on the front it doubles up as a keyboard. It gives you the simplest typing services Building you achieve quite one who is employing a mean keyboard to type on this keyboard.

  • Variation of fonts.

The huge array of fonts accessible for you to choose from are some things you’d smiling about from this application. To fit your art needs with these fonts, you’ll create word arts of your appreciation.

  • Variety of colors.

On click of the fonts, It offers you, A stream of colors with it comes for you to choose from and to even satisfy specifically your imaginations beautification. These two fusion offers you the only word arts you’ll consider.

  • Diverse Writing styles.

The keyboard toolbar to customize with this app, allows you to approach commonly used tools like bulleted list and designs, cursor controls, numbered list among others. It helps you to your writing techniques diversify to provide write-ups unique.

  • Handwriting skills.

This app offers you to use the track pad mouse one of the best-fine-tuned handwritings that’s expressive and smooth.

  • Audio Recording.

To record audio notability allows you and later sync the sound with the notes at the time of the recording you typing. You’ll successfully record sound by clicking the microphone within the toolbar to start recording.

  • Import Audio.

The sound recordings you’ll import from other sources by crawling a sound file from another file into a note to feature the file to the note’s recordings.


I would recommend this Notability because of its ability to build and enhance your creativity. To create files adding the power inside a topic would be of great help and far more ability to organize! To make notes it’ll assist you that satisfy your needs by handwriting, combining typing, photos, and sound recording. I love this notability app overall!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Notability on my Mac?

Since iOS and Mac are different platforms in their own App Stores, the iOS and Mac Notability versions are sold independently. If you employ both categories, however, you’ll sync notes through iCloud between them.

to download go to this link:

How am I able to write with my fingers or another stylus after I exploit an Apple Pencil?

Click on a note.

Click twice on the pencil tool, as if you modify the color of ink.

Click “Disconnect Apple Pencil” that materialize on the menu.

How do I close up Apple’s pen for notability?

To Notability if you connect an Apple Pencil, it’ll only permission with the Pencil until you disconnect it on writing input. The Pencil disconnecting: Click and hold on the pencil or highlighter tools in Notability, then tap Disconnect Apple Pencil of the settings for line color/thickness.

Does notability require WIFI?

If downloaded, Notability doesn’t require the web to work. Back-up features and sharing wouldn’t be functional without the web.

Best Alternatives for Notability

Just like any other Software, Notability has similar alternatives as explained below:

  • Microsoft OneNote

It is a neighborhood of the Microsoft Office Suite, one among the digital notebook apps is Microsoft OneNote. It gives people one place to a different place to tell and gathers notes. It also provides shared notebooks, syncing between devices and multiple computers by the way of Windows Live online storage

  • NoteLedge

NoteLedge provides a workspace for gathering information from connecting thoughts, multiple sources, and quickly tracing references. Annotations, organize notes, and excerpts from sites and PDF documents beat one place

  • Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a web application for a notebook. allows you to combine images, text, audio, RSS feeds, video, documents, and far more. you’ll share one selection of text or image from a sheet instead of the whole document, giving the author exact authority over what document is shared with others.

  • WizNote

It is a Note software, which is specially designed for mobile Internet users and Internet access users. WizNote more focuses on notes of management, sharing, reading, and rapid collection.


Notability for Mac is a note app that dosent get to stress if you discover yourself in a crucial surprise meeting but without a pen and notebook to jot those details to need home with you. Notability for Mac is your release anywhere anytime and it does the work perfectly well.

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