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App NamePiano Tiles Hop 2: Ball Rush
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Songs
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Piano Tiles 2 APK is a rhythm game in that you must attempt to perform some of the world’s most renowned songs using a piano keyboard on your Android’s screen. The problem is that the piano buttons are vibrating at an abnormally fast rate. Have you ever wished to become a professional pianist like Beethoven, Debussy, or Mozart?

Have you really wished you could perform traditional piano pieces like Little Star, Magnificat, or Jingle Bells? In Piano Tiles 2, all you have to do is perform and play tunes on the fly. Piano Magic Tiles 2 can now bring your fantasy to life. The need is easy.

To play music, keep tapping on the piano darker tiles. Keep an eye out for the tiled walls, and don’t forget to complete each melody with the piano black tiles.

The game is so simple that indeed youngsters can play it on the internet. There are four alternative ways to go in order, and these streets go on forever. You’re seeking to generate dark drapes that are available in those colors. Some of the squares may take the better part of the day to print, but if you can’t even hit one, you’ve wasted your time and the game is over. You’re seeking to play as many alternatives as practically possible to the music’s farthest limit while obtaining concentrates as you go. It’s a buffoonery game that’s a lot of fun.

What is Piano Tiles 2 

Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is a musicianship game that allows you to use your Smartphone display as a piano console to perform some of the world’s most well-known tunes. The hindrance is the extremely fast pace with which the piano keys move.

The interaction in the following Piano Tiles section is essentially the same as it was in the first. A series of piano keys circumnavigate the screen at a high slant, and you must squeeze them with perfect synchronization to keep playing. If you press the right keys, you’ll be able to keep playing and walking while listening to the music you’ve chosen; nevertheless, even the tiniest mistake can cause the game to end abruptly.

The application is the greatest in the entertainment world. Following its release, this program quickly gains traction on the internet due to its very well features and good user experience.

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Piano Tiles 2™ Application Survey

It’s not a bad idea to try Piano Tiles 2 for Android, as it was also named the best game of 2016 in the Google Play Store in 13 countries. There is also the opportunity to play with a heart-shaped power generation in this game. It’s simple to have a conventional or continuing contact. It’s basic and similar to its forerunner. For one rhythm note, tap all dark melodic notes, and for lengthy beat notes, tap the blues one. Every single note should be struck properly. The play will stop and that you will lose if there really is one note left or an incorrect tap.

As a result, the players must be cautious. Each melody is composed of a continuous series of rhythmic notes. As time passes and you continue to hit the notes, the music beat will become faster and faster. That is the show’s most tough component. As a result, everyone can play these games, and it becomes irresistible. It’s fantastic as a period killer and can be played in a short amount of time. It encourages people to maintain their level of motivation.

It is only good with a simple and gorgeous plan in pictures. The plan isn’t overly innovative, despite the fact that it’s been refreshed, because it is based on the previous form pattern. It goes with the piano’s standard blue and dark tiles. While performing it, the performers are offered a variety of tunes to use as a framework. It includes well-known excellent tunes at various levels, ranging from postponed to rapid beat.

Experience New Music Games

The well-known multiplayer fps is back with new features for everyone to enjoy as they battle their way through the brilliant stages. After a long day of exhausting labor, immerse yourself in the sensitive keys to forget about job constraints. For individuals with a strong passion for music, appreciating unique rhythmic classes with Piano Tiles 2 is a miraculous phenomenon. Furthermore, the keys encourage gamers in experiencing more relaxed. Despite the fact that there have been numerous versions of the game in the past, the game has always had a massive contrast for everyone to enjoy. As well as the Shadow of Death APK games.


Piano Tiles 2 is without a doubt the greatest music game of all time. Over 200 classical tunes by well-known performers such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Chopin make this a musical treasure. Every single one of the most well-known professionals’ songs may be found in this videogame. You need to get into the catchy part of the song, and you’ll have a fantastic play in no time.


You can never play alone in the game, but you can set up web-based collaboration with your friends by integrating your informal community record to the game. Currently, join your friends in a competition and see who is this same best player and gives you the best chance to win. Generally, the game will award various compensation packages to the victorious player and employ them in a few key play scenarios.

Put your friends to the test in quick gameplay to see who can stay alive until the last possible minute. In certain circumstances, repeating the game creates a sense of ardour and tomfoolery. The game should be the ideal piano games for all loved ones to showcase their outstanding abilities together, thanks to the amazing music.


First and foremost, the game allows for rapid execution, but players must maintain an energy attitude. If you miss the beat many times, the game will terminate immediately, and you will have to repeat the interaction. The game rule of Piano Squares 2TM is to contact the dull pavers avoiding striking the light tiles.

Because when player begins to feel the dark keys, the main themes of natural music will begin to play to help you relax and motivate you. However, in order to play the game successfully, you must concentration and immediately press the buttons to perform.


Piano Tiles 2TM, on the other hand, allows you to show off your impressive piano skills for fun. For us, becoming an experienced gamer is simple; regular practice will help us increase our level in particular. This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your musical zeal. Why don’t we immerse themselves in exciting stories to demonstrate our prowess? Despite the fact that the game features a variety of rhythms with a fast pulse, how could it possibly exceed our professional playing level?

In consideration of the duplication, there will be a wide range of play levels to keep players from becoming fatigued.

Delightful And Modern Graphic Design

As you seem to be surely aware, this series of games is well-known for its having to cut and stunning graphics. Gamers must have the impression that they are performing on a real piano. Everything that appears in the sport is totally copied, with the added capability of assisting players in satisfying their musical energy. You’ll want to keep tapping on the screen, and the sound will play like a fluid show. Each mood is perfect for any piano aficionado. As a result, practice adaptive hands to quickly score a large number of successful concentrates and the potential to obtain a development of various precious gems.

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The following are some of the game’s highlights:

Stunning Rhythms

In this games, there are indeed a variety of rhythms to enjoy. This would be done at a different pace. The game is challenging, as the squares move faster as your level rises. As a result, the beats will become faster, and you’ll have to demonstrate your thumb speed.

piano-tiles-2-apk-most recent form

Piano Tiles 2 allows you to strengthen your face and fingers while overcoming numerous challenges. The goal is to create your own set of standards. Would you be able to tap work when there isn’t a tile to tap?

Instinctive and Simple Controls

Could it be true that you’re looking for a game with one of the most natural and straightforward controls? Piano Tiles are actually the thing you’re searching for. The straightforward and natural controls add to the by and large thrilling experience. This is the most habit-forming game you’ll at any point play on your telephone. Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to stop.

Choose a game, such as Payback 2, and start to play it on different levels.

Invigorating Challenges to take on

You can challenge yourself in Piano Tiles 2 with a variety of exciting challenges. Its in spite of the interaction concept. You’d be familiar with a variety of challenges, and you’d undoubtedly value these challenges.

Shifted Customization Options

Piano Tiles 2 acquaints gamers with an assortment of personalization choices. This permits players to redo the in-game correspondence connect as indicated by their inclinations. You can replace the tiresome notes with the essences of beautiful felines.

In this game, you can customize your character in a variety of ways. You can also modify the tournament’s base by using beautiful photos. Above all, you may make Piano Tiles 2 feel like your own.

Various Songs to Choose

It is the most incredible aspect of the game. There are an assortment of tunes to pay attention to and appreciate briefly. Piano Tiles 2 is a game for music darlings, with an assortment of piano tunes to browse. Those compositions come from some of the world’s most prominent pianists, as mentioned above.

In contrasts to the most common version of the game. There are more current compositions to enjoy, and these tracks come in a variety of styles. You can listen to these melodies in a variety of styles, and all you have to do now is downloading the game.

Every day Bonuses

What good is a game if there are no prizes? Piano Tiles 2 is more than just a game. In Piano Tiles 2, notwithstanding the honors you win while performing, you can procure every day impetuses. You can collect these goodies and utilize them to make incredible updates that will help you progress.

Despite these incredible features, it is critical to remember that this is a legal game to play. It’s incredible that Android phones may playing this game for free.

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk latest version

  • Here are some of the features you’ll enjoy when playing the mod apk:
  • Unrestricted funds
  • This version is available for free download.

How to download Piano Tiles for PC?

That’s not a new concept. Because Cheetah Mobile hasn’t developed a version for Windows Computer or mac, IOS, you’ll really have to downloading the game’s APK and then run it using an Emulators like Netbeans or Nox App Player to play it on your PC.

One alternative is to look at many web-based versions that you may play directly in your software, however none of them seem to be accurate. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to play from your PC without having to install everything.


Is Piano Tiles 2 gone?

Despite the fact that Piano Tiles 2 has been removed from the Google Play Store, Iphone users will be pleased to know that the game is still available on the App Store. Despite the fact that Keyboard Tiles 2 has been removed from the Google Play, Apple users will be pleased to know that now the game is still available on the App Store.

Why was Piano Tiles 2 removed?

On February 20th, the Android Security Blogger released a statement stating that over 600 programs, included Piano Tiles 2, had been removed from the Google Play Store for violating the “problematic ads approach.”

Final Thought

Piano Tiles will make you realize energizing connectivity, and it can all be done on your phone. It’s incredible that the challenges are supported by such a fantastic award system. As a result, you can enjoy this game to win incredible prizes.

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