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App NamePokemon Go MOD
Size107 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesFake GPS, Location, Unlimited Coins, Radar
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Pokemon GO Mod Apk is the latest game designed to take advantage of our love of games. Adventure games are the best way to escape reality. This one use augmented reality and can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The global adventure gaming journey began in 1977, when the first computer game to feature an adventure was released. This innovative idea became a huge hit and sparked creative minds all over the world with its captivating tales of mystery.


MOD APK Pokémon GO is an improved way to battle with your own Pokémon. Players fight other players around the world for cash rewards or items to level up more quickly. You can also form teams to take on challenges together, like searching specific areas for specific items.

Even if you know a lot about Pokemon, there is always something new to learn. Take the fun and exciting journey with them by answering their questions. If you’re just getting started in this amazing world, these rewards will help you overcome challenges and learn more about how to fight better in battle.

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What’s New

The QR Code is the new way to add friends. The QR Code is the new way to add friends. Your Pokémon can now be shared via QR codes with anyone you wish. Improved search function also finds lucky Pokémon who already have them in collections, and for those of us without enough space to display them.

In-game notifications are now more interactive, so you can see how many Gifts or Friendship points remain before time runs out. Also, you can hide Recent Caught Pokémon so your friends cannot distract you with their achievements while playing.

Pokemon Go MOD APK Features

Be a Pokemon Master

Your journey to become the greatest Pokémon trainer begins now. In Pokemon Go MOD, you fight wild Pokemon and capture them with Pokéballs to collect new Pokemon. In this game, victory depends on fast decision-making. You’ll catch a green ring and a yellow for moderate difficulty. If your ring is smaller, you’re more likely to catch Pokemon in unexpected places, like your own house or familiar park.

Use the Fake GPS

Using fake GPS, you can move outside while running and hunting for Pokemon. That way you can see those amazing legendary beings in their natural habitat. You can use fake GPS to change your location in just a few taps. The APK Pokemon GO has an easy-to-use interface, which means all scripts are automatic, so you don’t need any additional tools.

An Outdoor, Indoor Game

This game is so great because you can catch all the different types of Pokemon in one place. To get that pokestop loaded up again, you can battle with your friends or take on strangers.

Pokemon GO is a unique game that takes you to a new world. This magical land has been captured by these little creatures, giving humans access to battles and explorations.

Multiple Mission

Collect Pokemon and in-game items. Pokemon belonging to the water system can be found at lakes or rivers, as well as tree Pokemon who prefer parks as their habitat. You can catch and train your Pokemon to battle with others. But they will need items like Pokeballs to help them. The weather also affects their appearance. Fire types need sunshine, while aquatic types need rain. Discover hidden treasures or take partridge pizza pie quests.

Defend Yourself

Pokemon allows you to explore a variety of different species, and it is easy for people like me who are interested in this type of thing. Whenever there is an event in the community or if someone posts about how their friend caught a rare Pokemon. It will make my day even more satisfying.

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MOD APK Gameplay

There are many Pokemon in the park when you go out. Upgrade them all to make them stronger. Decide which team is right for your journey, Instinct (yellow), Valor (red) or Mystic Blue.

Players must follow the Poke Ball trajectory to find and capture new Pokémon. Since there are many types of creatures in Unova, they can easily do so.

If you want victory, you’ll need to take your Pokemon to the battlefield. Training them up and sending them into combat, where they can level up in diverse gameplay that is just as intense offline or online.

Pokemon Go MOD APK FAQ’s

Is MOD APK safe?

The Pokemon Go is one of the best games for Android. It can be downloaded and installed in seconds, then you will have access to many additional features that are not available with standard gameplay. The application has been confirmed safe by Google Play.

Are there Pokemon Go cheats?

Pokemon GO players can get these rare creatures faster than they would otherwise be able is through the use of spoofing. This means trainers can appear as though they’ve got access from nearby PokeStops so this cheat could work at any time. Spoofing is a form of phone fraud that can be used to make the GPS think you’re in different locations.

Is Pokemon Go offline?

Pokémon Go is currently offline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. The game will be back online once the servers are restored.

How can I play Pokemon GO without moving 2021 on Android?

Do you want your phone to be a super genius? Then enable developer mode and download ‘Fake GPS GO’ from either Google Play store or here. The third step is running it on the Smartphone.


The Pokemon GO game is now more exciting because of MOD APKs. You can play this game on your smartphone to explore realistic pocket monster journeys and unlock new features like no other. The world is your oyster with this game. Almost any Android smartphone can benefit from features like Fake GPS, Zero-ad interface, and anti-ban support regardless of whether it is rooted or not.

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