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App NamePoweramp Full Version Unlocker
GenerMusic & Video
Size13 MB
Versionv3 Build 935
Google Play
MOD infoFull Patched Version


Download Poweramp pro apk full version for Android. In the modern age, the smartphone is now a compulsory device. Almost every person uses and depends on it. The smartphone brings the whole world into our hands. It is possible only with a smartphone. You can call or text someone, check email or send, search any place or get that direction on the map, listen to favorite music anytime and watch a movie with a smartphone.

Music is now the best source of entertainment. It is very quickly suitable for anyone who needs a smartphone. There are lots of songs contained in a smartphone. You can listen to those songs, whether online or offline. No problem where you are staying now; you can enjoy music from anywhere, anytime.

What Is Poweramp Pro Apk?

Music is a great entertainment source, but properly enjoying it is the best way to control your music library without depending on any service. Nowadays, smartphone has a large storage capacity and external card support. So you can make your smartphone a giant music station with high-quality songs. Poweramp Pro apk is the most popular audio & music player in the play store. The developer of the app is Max MP. To know more about the developer, click here to visit their website. It has plenty of customization options that can increase its appeal to users. Users can modify the EQ. It has maximum bass booster features where users can enjoy a high-quality music experience. Poweramp unlocker is not accessible in the play store to limitless; you have to buy it unlocker apk. But the good news is you don’t have to pay a penny for the unlocker apk.

Overview of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp is not a popular music player app but famous all over the play store app. It is always listed in the top 100 paid apps in the play store. Now the trend is listening to music offline through Spotify, google play music, Deezer music app, but people who like to save music on smartphones and listen to offline power will be the best choice. Poweramp Unlocker Full Version can play almost all popular music formats such as mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), Ogg, WMA, FLAC, Wav, ape, WV, and many more. Power amp pro apk has an awesome-looking user interface with a black tone. If you don’t satisfy with the default UI, you can change it with lots of great-looking themes. The default theme has a large Play/Pause button, so there is no chance of hitting the wrong button.

Compared with other audio player apps, Poweramp is the top leading audio player app for its unique design, features, UI, and more things. It is the oldest music and audio player app in the play store. You can customize the app set as per your wish. Contact the developer or read their forum threads if you face any problems.

More about Poweramp Full Version Apk

This music app is just excellent. The album art is automatically found and displayed. The presets in both the equalizer and reverb are great. This app turns your phone into a great stereo system you could only dream of a few years ago. The app is also suitable for power saving. This may be one of the best-sounding music players on the Playstore for audiophiles. The visualizations are simply incredible. For example, it draws many envious eyes when this is hooked up to the car displayed front and center or when the phone sits on the Starbucks table. It has excellent visualizations available in Black player themes, Audio customization like Bass, equalizer, stereo, lot more options. You can choose the Poweramp Pro apk instead of any music player for Android.

APP Features

Cool Interface

The Poweramp default interface looks very beautiful with a black tone. You can also change it with plenty of paid and free themes in the play store. To change UI need to install preferred music and apply that from Menu>Setting>Theme and select. Navigation buttons look friendly and helpful. The play and Pause buttons are more extensive than others, so there is no chance of pressing an unwanted button like stop, next to, or forward. Compared to the other Audio & Music application in Android, Poweramp is excellent looking.

Easy Music Organised

Poweramp Music management is straightforward and effective. You can organize all of the music in two ways 1st one is sorted by folder, and the library sorts 2nd one. When you kind as folder way, only selected folder songs will be shown to Poweramp. To select prefer folder go to Menu>Settings>Music, and select prefer folder you want; only containing song will show in the player. Organized according to the library, all songs will be taken as a library. In this way, a disadvantage is that all music files on your device will add a music library. It may interrupt by playing an unwanted song while listening to music.

Best Equalizer

Poweramp full version apk is most famous for its sound customization. It has many excellent default equalizer presets. You can also create a custom equalizer and save that for future music experiences. The EQ making is simple, from the EQ bar to pulling up or down the slider and setting your perfect presents. You can select the frequency range you need, from 31 to 16 kHz. Finally, there is a negative graph that helps you to set treble and bass frequency.

Widget and Lockscreen

Poweramp Pro apk support the various size of widget for the home screen. There is a large widget where the main control buttons are available, which is very handy.
The lock screen widget helps you to control the music player when the device is locked. It also shows information about the song. It is very convenient when pausing or stopping the playing piece instantly.

Support Lyrics

By adding lyrics to your favorite songs, enjoy listening to music experience better with Poweramp. For example, you can install Musixmatch to enjoy floating lyrics with Poweramp.

Add Album Arts

Poweramp Music Player’s default theme is black. When colorful album art adds to a song, it looks gorgeous; someone showing album artwork for every song instead of a list power amp will be great for them.

How to Download and install Poweramp Full Version?

Poweramp is the most influential music player but not free. Don’t worry. In this post, we’ve provided Poweramp Unlocker Full Version. If you search on google to download a power amp unlocker, you’ll see thousands of results. Be careful. Most of the link they provide is malicious that can harm your phone.

To download and successfully active Poweramp, follow the below steps:

  • Download Poweramp Trial from Google PlayStore.
  • Click on the above download button and save the file to your device.
  • Turn on Unknown Source from Setting>Security, find Unknown Source, and enable it.
  • Open file manager and browse the download directory where you saved the unlocker file.
  • Could you tap on the Unlocker file and install it?
  • Enjoy the Poweramp Full Version!


Nowadays, many people like streaming music rather than traditional music apps due to their cheap and good quality. To play the song, you need an internet connection. The best music streaming app like Google Play, Spotify, Deezer Music app, or Apple Music allows us to play a song from an extensive music store that regularly updates.

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