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App NameProject QT MOD
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & Fuel
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Project QT Mod APK is an arcade-style RPG with visual novel elements that will appeal to video game fans with its story and combat system. As players journey through dozens of challenges, they explore towns inspired by real-life locations like Tokyo and New York City, fighting enemies on their way.

Project QT is the most popular MOD for Minecraft on Android, with over 10 million downloads. You can unlock characters and skills in-game with this updated version to play however you like.


Moon Sang-Hoon is the creator of two popular online worlds. He started working on his game during his time in college.

The visuals in this game are not just a bonus, but also an integral part of the gameplay. These stunning graphics will take you to another world and make you feel like anything is possible.

Featuring an open-world design, the game offers countless possibilities for gameplay.

There is also a wonderful story mode that offers closure, so you never get stuck on one point, and you can view cutscenes at any time to gain insight into your character’s psyche or future plans.

Project QT MOD APK Features

This game allows you to control one or more female warriors in order to protect Earth from aliens. You will find a lot of interesting things to do in this fantastic anime adventure. It will be hard for players not to get sucked into their device.

Unlimited Coins

You get unlimited coins in the APK version, which let you choose anything from the resources. Furthermore, these unlimited coins let you win the game. You will always win when you download the APK version.

View the MINI- Map

The game can be downloaded from its website free of charge, and there are many forums where people discuss how it can be improved. You’ll even find a mini map that displays while you play, showing you where your opponent is so you don’t miss them.

With money earned from playing games like this one, you can upgrade any character’s skills. Items also come in a variety of prices based upon the skill level needed (newer ones are cheaper).

Beautiful Monster Girls

The goal of Project QT is to prevent the earth from being taken over by defeated enemies by collecting the prisoners of defeated opponents. Teaming up with players who are always online will allow them to stop the threat before it is too late.

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Take part in campaigns all over the world to destroy their plots. If you defeat an enemy team, you can add their commander to your collection. A prisoner will also be added to your collection and give you a boost. You can also use prisoners for other purposes. You can find detailed instructions here.

Play with Friends

Project QT isn’t just about winning; it’s about the journey too.

It will take you on a journey that begins with mapping out your own secret base and ends with creating a civilization while you spar with players from around the world. There is something new to discover every day with Project Quests – no matter where you are in your gaming journey.


It is difficult to keep up with all of the weekly events in this game. If you’re going for Gold Rush, you need the best squad. Training them well and making sure they are fit so that when it comes time to compete at these major competitions. Their skills will shine through because well-trained competitors do better than unprepared ones every time.

Recruit And Upgrade Your Favorite Girls

It is a great app for gamers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest games. You can stay up to date in a variety of ways, whether through notifications or by checking in regularly throughout your day. This app has several customizable features that should satisfy everyone’s needs.


Project QT’s battle system allows you to develop your favorite character in surprising ways. With the right amount of effort, you can upgrade all girls’ fighting skills, even evolve them into different varieties.

During each upgrade, players can unlock new skills and abilities that will help them in battle. Research into small parts of technology throughout the entire branch, will allow players to succeed in this game.

These upgrades not only improve performance, but also produce stunning visual effects, making your character even stronger.

Project QT MOD APK Gameplay

With this MOD, you can choose any of the available start missions, with their original stats. As well, this game offers several other features, one of which allows players to choose their hairstyle by using different styles from preselected categories for a customized look.

Project QT is a Rogue ware modification that lets the player customize their experience in unprecedented ways. The Prodigy feature from the Anniversary version has been incorporated into Project Qu T, providing even more customization options.

There’s a new setting in the game that allows you to customize your experience. In the case of an experienced gamer who just finished playing the original version of this game on hard mode, it would make sense for him not to start at level 1 again, but with high stats from his last mission instead (and perhaps some other goodies too).

Project QT MOD APK FAQ’s

How can I get Unlimited Coins in Project QT?

You can play the game with unlimited coins if you use the Project QT MOD APK., Just download our Android app from Google Play and get started.

How does this MOD APK work?

You will find that the download is not only free but also unlimited. When you open your account, you’ll be surprised at how many resources are waiting for you.
You can open this file using an app on your phone to get unlimited resources. You will get these valuable goods right out of our website, rather than looking them up online or getting them separately for one purchase.

Is this MOD 100% safe to download?

Yes! You will be able to access your account at any time and download all of the products that we provide for free.

Is it beneficial to use translators in the application?

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This Project Qt Game MOD APK has been in development for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s going to be an amazing app once it’s released, with all the ingredients needed for success–including your support.

Artistry of high quality will keep people coming back because they are able to view things from angles no one else could. It is easy to use, simple to set up, and works quickly across all internet connections.

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