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App NameSD Maid Pro APK
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SD Maid Pro is a famous Android cleaner and unlocker app for all types of android phones. The SD Maid Pro APK lets its users clear cache memory. Log files and crash reports are in one click on their Android devices in an instant time. The application helps eliminate unwanted files like junk and viruses that are not your use. SD Maid System cleaning tool pro is the best solution for memory management problems for your phone.

About SD Maid Pro Apk

The apk file lets its users clean their device for better performance on any smartphone. The SD Maid Pro Unlocker is not only an ordinary cleaner or unlocker app. But it also helps you find Duplicates, Explore, do Database optimization on your phone, force app move, etc. This article aims to give complete information about this fantastic pro unlocker app and SD Maid Pro APK free download link.

The Android system is a widely popular operating system. And there are millions of Android apps in the apps store. We have many apps according to our needs or interest in daily life. Some like to play games, so they download gaming apps, and some want to have educational apps, news apps, entertainment apps, social media, and many more.

Overview of SD Maid PRO

Android cleaner equipment is in demand still now, a with gadgets being more significant than ever and the app universe competing with ours, strolling your telephone quickly is more complex than ever. Each contact on your smartphone consumes your memory in many ways and shops the rubbish on your precious memory.

There are many gamers in the cleansing market for the smartphone; however, most of the instances we have observed bring more troubles than it solves. For example, the cleaning apps work as unbiased software and deliver a gadget lag every time you run them. It might be showing you it’s deleting a thousand matters from your smartphone, but it’s mere animation than original work.

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Sd maid pro apk has practical functionalities to impress you! All in one place, it has a series of equipment for letting you manipulate your files and applications. It can also clean your device, ensuring that nothing is left behind of any apps you had established and then eliminated from your device. The device can also correctly control crash reports, logs, and archives by removing directories and files you don’t apprehend that are accrued in your device’s storage. SD Maid can assist you in searching for the file through content material or with the aid of a name, as nicely as it lets you control hooked-up gadget functions and consumer applications. It also works as a corpse finder to get rid of uninstalled parts’ data, but it is in your system.

Features of SD Maid Pro

Control over Apps

SD Maid Pro Apk will let you have complete management of your apps. With the help of this, you can effortlessly modify, delete or reset apps. Managing and controlling apps becomes an easy challenge with this.


This sd maid pro apk is an excellent cleaner for android gadgets, in my opinion. Its filters are great for cleaning the system and storing memory. Filters can be customized as per customers’ needs for extra accuracy.

Optimize Database

If you favor improving the speed of your smartphone, then you have to optimize the database. And for this, SD Maid Pro APK is here to download. It reduces the size of the unnecessary database to enhance the speed.

Detect Duplicate Files

If there are some replica archives in your system, then the SD maid seasoned free app can notice these files. And you can quickly delete those documents to make some reminiscence accessible.

No want for protection

No maintenance will occur once you have scheduled the tasks on your smartphone. Yes, in this seasoned device cleansing tool, you can schedule the functions to ease up the device. After that, it’ll routinely smooth and optimize the files.

Searching Documents

If you prefer to find any file from your cellular, you don’t have to open every folder for this. Instead, search the title of that file in this, and it will look at all folders for you.

Remove System Apps

We all know we can’t delete gadget apps from our Android smartphones. Still, now, SD Maid Pro APK can do this work for you. It will let you remove any time, freeze and reset any apps on your device. In addition, you can download the sd maid pro apk free file from the google play store.


SD Maid Pro app is a first-rate Android cleaner and unlocker app that I’m personally using. That’s why here I’m supplying APK of SD Maid PRO. Before using the app, check out the super aspects of this app right here.

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