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Secret Neighbor APK is the trending app that is making people all over the world go crazy. The success of the app can be attributed to a number of reasons. The first reason is that it is one of the most downloaded apps today. Another reason is that the app is highly entertaining. The app has a unique interface that allows users to interact, play and learn from it

Secret Neighbor APK All Unlocked is a prank game where you have to run away from your friends in your neighbor’s basement. But avoid your friends, don’t let your friends love you. Download Secret Neighbor APK for Android and play this game without verification.

Neighbors have the ability to become ghosts and disappear. they have other strong powers and you have to fight these powerful forces.

Secret Neighbor APK Free Purchase is created by a Russian developer and the objective of the game is to dig into the basement of your neighbor’s house to find out what secrets he is hiding in his basement and in his house.

The Secret Neighbor Latest Premium APK is based on AI where the character has to move from one building to another to explore these buildings and the secrets hidden in these buildings. Players have to overcome many challenges to find the items needed to easily open the dungeon.

App Overview

Secret Neighbor APK Premium Download takes us on a journey to a neighborhood called Hello Neighbor, to the house of one of the residents who hides a dark secret. This production action takes place between the first and second acts of the story told in the previous work by the Dynamic Pixels group; We play, we play a group of kids whose job it is to save your friend who is being held by a neighbor in the basement.

The Secret Neighbor Latest Pro Version APK is a horror game developed by Russian game studio Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. The goal of the game is to get into the basement of the neighbor’s house to find its secret. The game’s artificial intelligence changes how neighbors react to what players have done in the past, such as placing traps in the paths players have taken in the past.

In the game, the player finds himself moving to a new house across the street from a mysterious neighbor who goes to extremes and seems to be hiding secrets in the basement. The player’s task is to enter the neighbor’s house and solve a series of puzzles to get what is needed to open and find the dungeon.

If the player searches the neighbor’s house, he must not be found by the mysterious neighbor, otherwise he will be chased, and if the player does not hide enough or escape, he will be arrested. Players can also wake up their neighbors by throwing items at them so they can escape quickly.

If players are caught, they are sent back to their homes and must re-enter. When you start again, players have to be very careful, because the neighbors will see what happened at the last attempt to set a trap. However, players can use the game’s settings to unlock friendly neighbor mode, which prevents neighbors from setting these traps and makes them less aggressive in responding.

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Nicky wakes up in his house, now an adult. They kicked him out of his house, so he decided to go home.  Nicky runs the house and has experiences, such as learning to double jump through discounts and trying to turn on a light without reaching it. They finally entered the dungeon, which was now older and more spacious.

When choosing a hero, we can control it, including a researcher who takes pictures, a bag that can carry more than other children, or an engineer who after collecting 10 tools, can create a useful survival tool. . Neighbor title challenge. Neighbors are good people. Hiding behind the child, mother, with the team, then destroy everything and do something to the children. What? I’ll leave it up to you to take a look.

The players must find this secret to win the game, but their hidden neighbors will complicate the children’s task.

The players will also have different roles:

  • Detective
    Takes important pictures for the group.
  • Bagger 
    Responsible for carrying the children.
  • Engineer 
    Will create cool gadgets out of gear items to defeat the neighbor.
  • Hidden Neighbor 
    Will constantly try to spoil the children’s plans and stop them from reaching the basement.

Why We Play Secret Neighbor APK

Your goal is to get to the neighboring dungeons. You have to work together and carefully search the house to find the key to open the bedroom door.

Make sure your inventory is available. And you can wake him up by throwing something at the neighbor if the neighbor hits one of the workers. The crow then wrote the last key needed to open the dungeon. If the neighbors chase away the crows, other crows will come with the crows.

There are 6 different categories to choose from to start your Easter Transition. Class upgrades can be used to help you: the speed of all surrounding players and Fan-Leader. Useful when friends are threatened by their owners. He’s brave-He can break a friend who catches him, surprisingly. Create Inventor products-you can insert gears.

We already know that a toy light requires 2 wheels and a toy gun requires 5 wheels and things can still be done. Scout took nuts from his basket to shoot. The beans were sprinkled inside the house to frighten the neighbors, but he didn’t flinch. Detective- There is a picture with a ring on it.

Features of Secret Neighbor APK


This behavior may go faster if neighbors see it. To escape the neighbor’s trap, you can do various things to the neighbor to escape. When you are caught by neighbors, it is very difficult to escape from the Internet.


You have been caught by your neighbors and are in jail. Now you can exit the cell but for that you have to use a different method. These methods include looking for cell keys or being able to use heavy equipment or prison equipment to get out of the room.

Available for Android and IOS

No matter what OS you are using, you can play Secret Neighbor APK Unlimited Credits on any device. All you need is to download the APK from [] and install it on your device. Both Android and iOS are compatible with this APK.

Drive Vehicles

The game lets you drive different cars parked in different places. You have to see it. Vehicles include cars and other vehicles. All of these will be unlocked when you download the Secret Neighbor APK Unlimited Coins from


There are various characters available in this game. In addition, you can change its appearance. How you change behavior is up to you. Here is a list of characters that you can find in the game Secret Neighbor:

  • Bagger.
  • Brave.
  • The Neighbor.
  • Inventor.
  • Detective.
  • Clown.
  • Leader.
  • Scout.

Take On The Role of The Neighbor

If you are looking for something completely different, you can play as a neighbor and take part in kidnapping children and preventing other players from following them.

Friendly Neighbor Mode

Unless you’re a soccer player and you don’t want your neighbors to be mean to you. Then you can change the game mode so that your neighbors don’t do violence and you can play the game for a long time and easily, like you can do in Hello Neighbor 2.

Play As The Neighbor

There are also neighbors that players can choose from to prevent children from interfering with the neighbors’ plans. Neighbors will always keep an eye on the children and prevent them from reaching the floor.

Competitive AI

The developers have learned a lot from the previous version and that’s why the AI in Secret Neighbor APK is so competitive. The AI will monitor the player and make the necessary behavior changes based on the child’s behavior. This results in a competitive and fun game for both players and kids.

Play As Intruder

Team up and discover the dark secrets that the neighbors are hiding. The main task of the children is to find the secret of the land if it is hidden from neighbors. As noted above, children have many interesting roles that can make each child’s job important, and need to work together to beat the neighbors and see their intentions.

Craft Things

One of the best jobs is an engineer who is responsible for assembling 10 tools to make different weapons. This fun tool will be used to beat the neighbors and help the kids reach their goals.


Secret Neighbor APK is a good game for you if you played hide and seek in your childhood. It teaches you how to play in a team. The game’s AI is too much for your brain. So if you want to spend your time with a good game, this is it.

If you like sports and extreme sports, you must try this game. We hope you will like this game and you will become a fan of this game because the gameplay and beautiful graphics and graphics will force you to play it again and again.

If you have been playing and exploring since childhood, Secret Neighbor APK Latest Pro Version 2022 is the game for you. It teaches you how to work as a team. Game intelligence is a great challenge to your imagination. So, if you want to spend some time on high quality games, this is it.

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