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App NameState of Survival MOD
Size191 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money , Tokens
Last Updated2 Days Ago


State of survival mod apk provides unlimited biocaps and ultimate heroes for free. This game presents us the massive features including, powerful characters having different tactics and skills, upgraded and new weapons, a place which you can customize your own and much more which makes this game more interesting.  


In this game, players have been bound in a city which is devasted and infected with the deadly virus. Zombies infect the whole town; this is the result of some experiment done by US scientists which had a very bad impact and cause to spread the virus at an extremely higher rate. All the population had wiped off with the zombies and brought the apocalypse to the city. Every building is colonized hundreds and thousands of undeadly zombies.   

In these harsh surviving conditions, it is extremely difficult to live. Fortunately, there are some brave survivors left in the city who are the bright light in the dark for innocents. These survivors are the real heroes of the game. They live in here, kill zombies with their great and big weapons, grow their food, rescue others, competing, socializing making a successful living.   

 It’s your turn to play this epic survival game and flow through its terrific challenges and missions. Beat others and kill as many zombies as you can. You have to take care of your heroes and civilians of injuries and food. Build headquarters, hospitals, greenhouses, training centres and much more.   

You must end this terror and horror among people. Play and save the city!  

Game Features 

Warning! The state of survivals is an addicting game. It has a lot of exciting features you will get addicted to. There is a battlefield out there in the city. Be a zombie hunter and use your mind and weapons to kill these undeadly zombies. The faith of the town is in your hands now.   

Build your City

It is the time to rebuild your broken city. Build a safe place where you can practice and train your army. Upgrade your old buildings and save them from undeadly zombies. Use our tips and tricks to fight against the virus and save the city!  

You have the chance to design your territory with your ideas and creativity.  

Save the Survivors 

You can’t handle these zombies on your own. So, you will need more teammates to fight against the deadly virus. Rescue other survivors to increase your power and strength. Rescue them and train them to face the undeadly zombies. Increase your army, and they will help you save your city and conquer it from the hands of zombies.   

Start Research  

To get over these zombies, you have to learn about them first. Pick up enough upgrades and researches to know about them. Increase your number of researches and get over the deadly virus. You will need alot of weapons and a big army to kill all of them. Use the research to know how to gathers more survivors and create new weapons to destroy the undeadly zombies.   

Join Allies 

Join the communities and socialize with them. Help them complete the challenges and compete. But don’t trust all of them as you don’t know who is going to betray you anyway. Play with the allies and learn more about the game. It is better to work with your community to survive longer in this apocalyptic world. Make your army strong and defend yourself.  

Complete Challenges and Missions  

There are a lot of challenges waiting for you out there. Complete your missions and challenges to increase your level and understanding of the game. Know your enemies to save the city. Hence, you will get food and experience when you complete a mission. Zombies are fearlessly waiting for you out there, now go and get them!  

Unique heroes 

The game consists of unique heroes having their unique traits. Each character has a different quality and abilities. Increase your hero’s levels and make them able to destroy the population of undeadly zombies. Reach to the maximum level, which will increase your character’s strength and power to defeat zombies.  

There are three types of heroes in the game, epic, elite and legendry. Some of the best heroes are listed below:  

  • Sarge  
  • Maddie   
  • Travis  
  • Rusty   
  • Eva   
  • Lucky  
  • Nikola  
  • Mike 

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State Of Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Biocaps and Food)

State of survival mod apk is a modified version of the android game developed by KingsGroup Holdings. However, it is an strategy game consists of challenges and missions. Our modified version will give you unlimited biocaps, food and coins to buy any thing from the store.

It will give you an edge over other players around the globe. Therefore, you have a chance to get on the top. It is the game of zombies. all you have to do is fight against undeadly zombies and give an end to the war. Rescue people and train them to merge against zombies.

However, war against zombie become much easier when you have our modified version. Our State of survival mod apk will unlock all weapons and characters which can help you get to your goal.

Mod APK features

All great features and challenges takes time, therefore, you will need to do a lot of handworks to get them. Sometimes you have to pay for some VIP features and ultimate store items. But we know everyone can’t afford that or spend their precious time to get to the end.   

We care about your time and value your money. So, presenting you a little magic trick or a gateway to unlimited access to your game. Here we are allowing you to play this game with unlimited biocaps, food, wood, characters, stamina, autocomplete missions, access to ultimate VIP store and much more.   

There are a lot of benefits of our modified version of state of survival hence, you can only experience when you download it. Some other services are enlisted:  

  • NO ADS  
  • NO LAG  


Food is an essential part of the game. Therefore, food is needed by the army, constructions and for upgrading your buildings and unlocking new ones. We give you unlimited access to food, and you will never run out of food in the game. The game will be full of unlimited food, and you will never need to dig unnecessary trees and grounds or growing food.   


Wood is also an essential part for constructions and for upgrading your buildings. Therefore, we provide you limitless woods for your survivors. Now you can upgrade as much as you want. Make the best and fully upgraded facilities in your game.  


 Get the unlimited stamina with our modified version of the state of survivors. It is a very important part of the game, and you need it in every step. Stamina is required to merge against zombies, building purposes and fighting.   

You don’t have to worry about your stamina anymore because our mod apk is providing you limitless stamina. So, play as much as you want.  


In the state of survival, you have to work hard and complete missions to gain enough coins. Survivors who complete more missions can achieve more coins and gradually will be able to survive against zombies longer. However, you can buy the latest outfits and accessories now.  

Why working hard when you had a modified version of the game? So, there is no need to pay all day and complete missions to gain coins because we will provide you with unlimited coins. You can rule the game just by installing this mod for free.  


Biocaps are a very important currency in this game. You can get biocaps by competing in events and through mails. however, quantity is always very less than how much you want to spend on VIP store.   

Are you tired of waiting to get biocaps? And love to spend them? You don’t have to buy them anymore or worry about it because the State of survival mod apk will provide you access to unlimited biocaps for free. Now you can speed up your constructions and purchase challenges as well for free.  


Are you new to the game? If yes, then you must not know about the VIP store. Thus the game gives VIP store access to only high-level players and don’t allow new players to get in that store. But don’t you worry because with this modified version you can unlock VIP store now and shop with your biocaps for free.   


Heroes are the ones who are the real survivors and the ones who fight against zombies. Each hero has a unique character and skill. You need the best heroes to kill the most difficult zombies. With our modified versions, you can unlock all best heroes in the game. Get your amazing heroes for free.   


Weapons are the essential things to beat your enemy; all you need is a better weapon than your enemy to kill them. However, our state of survival mod apk will give you access to unlock all the amazing weapons to kill any level of zombie.   


You must be tired of having useless advertisements in between your game. Auto pop-up advertisements had always disturbed our gameplay. So, here is the way you can get rid of ads from your game. Just chill out the play state of survival mod apk version with no pop-up ads. definitely, it would not cost you a single penny to install it.   


You might be searching for the best cheat codes for the state of survival. You will get everything for free here. Therefore, you will not need to apply any cheat codes or hacks in the game. Hit the download button and experience the best zombie game for free. 

You can experience much more than this. The features are so amazing and enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  

Can we get biocaps for free?  

 You can get biocaps for free by three methods:  

  • Log in daily and check mails.  
  • Participate in events.  
  • Join allies to get biocaps.  

You can get unlimited biocaps by downloading our mod apk.   

What does the state of survival mod apk do?  

 State of survival mod apk unlocks all the items and gives you unlimited biocaps, coins, food, heroes, and no ads.   

Can we get any hero we want?  

Yes, you can get any hero you want, and it is for free.   

Do we have to pay for mod apk 

No, it’s free of cost and do not cost you a single penny.   

Do we have to root our android to get this version?  

No, you don’t have to root your android phone.   


State of survival mod apk has the best features with unlimited everything. Surely, it will give you an edge over other players. You can’t have everything in the original Version also you have to pay for legendry features. But the moded version will give you all this for free.  

Do not waste your money the original version, download our modified version to get all the features unlocked. Get all the legendry and epic heroes and kill all the zombies before they kill you.   

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