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App NameStick War Legacy MOD
Size115 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Menu
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Stick War Legacy Mod APK is a very simple and interesting game. Which is very well designed, Legacy Up Inamorata comes into the world while playing this game. Which includes many powerful empires. And each counter has its own culture, and its weapons are known as deadly culture. They are all ready to attack the queen in the game. Where you play the role of king. As a talented and compassionate leader, you always have love and peace around you. And because of the condition, the country is always a dangerous situation. It is essential to develop a strong military force to thwart all the enemies’ attacks. In addition, building a strong military requires economic growth.


In this game, you play the role of king, who guides his people. Your people are very peaceful who do not like weapons and other things. In this way, the people around you and the country become the center of interest for you. And each of your neighboring countries is preparing to fight you and take over your land. And with all that, you must prepare your army. They must be attacked before they can be attacked. So that you can protect your country and nation.

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Protection the Kingdom

In Stick War Legacy you are the king of a huge empire, in which you do not like the style of weapons, violence, and war. You manufacture sophisticated weapons in all the neighboring countries. And they always want to invade the kingdom. And as strategy gameplay in stick war legacy, you are commanding a powerful army with a lot of soldiers instead of controlling one character. Improve your strategy and team control. Soldiers will include swords, magicians, and many giants. When properly arranged. And when armed they fight the strong battle. In addition, you can request your army and you can order them.

Unlimited Gold/ Gems

In addition, to bring a huge army and power to the stick war legacy, you also need economic capacity. Like you in the real world, big countries and powerful empires have a lot of economic resources. Which is a huge investment for the military. You need a lot of financial resources to build a strong army like your rival countries. In which you need to collect a lot of things, a lot of gold and other things. You exploit the rotes.

There are many civil deposits in areas and routes. In the game, you have a huge number of workers. Who is ready to work day and night to extract gold from mines and many civil deposits? Make the most of resources. And focus on upgrading your staff. And increase the amount of gold you can use daily.

In addition to gold reserves, stick war also valuable monitor units, which help your combat units. Which you need to get. Its help your employee work fast. And the jewels you have to get, they come in handy for buying many items and weapons.

Play with other players

Stick War Legacy is a very simple and interesting game, in which you fight many battles. This is a classic model. You can play tournaments in different ways. As with survival mode, your stick war army must survive in the world. If you want to be powerful as possible. So, you have a take a place in the tournament. Where you can fight different players from around the world. And increase their power.

Your goal is to conquer many areas, which you have to disable. You have to be able to control and run. Build units and min gold. You must be able to destroy the enemies of your opponents and capture their territories. For which you have to learn different techniques. There are techniques like wielding a sword and spear. And it’s an easy task for a powerful stickman.

Visual Graphics and Sound


This game is very simple and designed with 3D graphics. The cartoon style in the game makes the game very friendly. In which you regularly see that this is a really real favorite game. You don’t have to think of this game as a stick man. Because when you go down the battlefield, you have to fight hard. Apart from the realistic practical side, the effect of the amazing statements in the game provides a lot of battles.


The game includes visual effects as well as classic soundtracks. When you hear the sound of your canine voice, it feels real to you. You hear the sound of the village weapons during the war. When they collide with each other. Also, at each stage of the game, you will see audio tracks to enhance many experiences.

Personal Review

This game is amazing. It has a lot of cool features to explore and you can even play the game offline. This game is one of the best mobile games compared to other mobile games that just throw ads down your throat. This game does have ads but this is how the moderators get revenue. It doesn’t have a lot of ads which makes the game better.

This game is fantastic. I play it every day and it is addicting. Lots of skins to choose from, and they each have benefits. Gems aren’t hard to get, and this really sums up war from the Middle Ages. It would be amazing if you added more campaign levels and more units to choose from. Also, good if you could control like Deads and things. Overall, great game.

Mod Features

  • Unlocked all skins
  • Unlimited New Weapons
  • Unlimited Gold/Money/Gems
  • Upgrade version
  • Different characters
  • Unlimited tournament
  • Download Stick War
  • 999 army
  • Infinity fan pack

Final Thought

Stick War Legacy is an amazing game. Where you have to fight on the field with your opponents. For which you must have many resources. So that you can easily defeat your opponents during the battles. you can get this game from the google play store. But there you will not find its Mod version. From which you can get unlimited money and many things. If you want unlimited everything so download the Stick War Legacy APK.

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