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App NameTalkU: Second Phone Number
Size37.4 MB
PublisherGoogle Play
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Taluku is a calling website and lets you call you for free on your Android device. With Talku Mod APK you can get unlimited credit cards without having to call your phone. Download from [] and enjoy the rest of your life.

Talku Mod APK All Unlocked gives you a free phone number where you can call anyone. Can be used for any purpose. Invite friends and they’re crazy. Because they don’t understand who you are. Because you’re using a fake phone number that doesn’t show up anywhere in the world.

For practice, you can call it forever. All you need is a simple Internet to make calls and text messages. There is no additional or hidden revenue found on this phone as a free calling program.

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App Overview

Taluku is an excellent program that gives you unlimited options to start talking to your friends and family. If you are too busy with your work and need a program that gives you a way to connect with your friends. Then you should try the latest and safest conversation.

With this program you receive calls and send messages to start connecting with your loved ones. Now everyone has a modern cell and no one has time for their family. But if you don’t want to go out to a meeting, you can start a photo call and help your whole family. This makes it easier to connect with your family.

There is more information available to you. But some are refunded or paid on all phones. And some are insecure and can’t protect your mystery. If you need a very reliable app to visit with your friends to make multiple phone calls with multiple options. Then you need to download the latest TalkU lecture which gives you all the necessary information.

How To Use TalkU Mod APK?

This app has an easy -to -use and easy -to -use app. More goods are provided in the windows of the house and are easily seen outside of time. If you haven’t used the program in a while, there is no UI that will allow you to quickly understand everything.

It’s hard to use in conversation so you need to pull up and talk to your friends. It is useful and easy for all users because if someone wants to talk to a friend. Then this app will help you raise money with your friends or family and start with them.

If you are using WhatsApp well you have already used WhatsApp This application gives you the same features. But something important is given to you by using it. And have a full discussion and protect your privacy. If you want to find a program that gives you unlimited secure chat, you need to use this app.

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Features of Talku Mod APK

Talku Mod APK Unlimited Credits with the modified TalkU APK. With the APK update, you don’t need to buy a subscription to make SMS calls worldwide. Here are the features of the Talku Mod APK:

Free Texting Calling App

Stop paying expensive companies. Stop the application and start free calls to any country including the United States with Canada. In addition, there are no limits to calling and sending SMS. You can do all this in unlimited ways.

Clear Calling

The sound and movie quality is very good. No local network was given the opportunity to make such a clear statement. Mantra HD will soon start again to enjoy top calls using Talko Mod APK.

Free Number

It’s really hard to find American numbers. But with Talku Latest Premium Mod APK you can get a FREE mobile number from the United States without any form. IndyCall takes a similar form to Talko’s offering.

Block Number

If there is an annoying number to call you and send an SMS to, you can cancel the policy with this program because the local SIM card gives one person to one person as well. One of the fun things the app provides is a way to send multiple calls that most people don’t know about.

Call Recording

If there is an annoying number to call you and send an SMS to, you can cancel the policy with this program because the local SIM card gives one person to one person as well. One of the fun things the app provides is a way to send multiple calls that most people don’t know about.

Conference Calls

You can service directly with this app. Thanks to this program you can call 8 people for free. Meetings are not limited to individual members. You can share ideas through video calls and the audience.

Unlimited Credits

Credit is the largest and most important part of an application. You can use it to summon and do other things to use.

Extras also need to make an SMS. With the free version of Talki, you need to buy credit for real money. You have to pay the company to the company to pay the debt on the SMS call.

However, now you don’t have to worry about debt because with this mod APK you will get free unlimited loans. You don’t have to buy to get a loan.

With the help of unlimited credit, you can make free calls to unsecured phones through real numbers. This is the best part of TALAKI MOD.


This is a free conversation, you see ads when using this app. This is the frustrating thing about this program. However, if you need an ad -free app, you need to purchase a basic subscription to the APK.

However, with Outtrade Talku Latest Pro Version Mod APK, you will not be given any ads. We have removed the ads in the MOD APK. You get the experience you need without paying for it.

Premium Subscription

These are the 2 main features of the mods. In this section, you get the highest paid subscriptions in the application. With the help of this valuable registration you can find all the valuable options in the app. No need to buy essentials with premium options.

However, in the free program for this application you have to pay for the content of this application.

Requirements of Talku Mod APK

  • Minimum Android 4.4 Version and above
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • Good Internet connection


If you need a program that will help you make calls in the free world, the Talku Mod APK is with you. That’s the kind of meaning that now means there are no limits to calling and sending SMS. Call the world free, free cards are not possible.

If you are looking for a program that allows you to list all types of calls for free, then Talku is the app for you. Not only that – there are no hidden fees or other restrictions. You can create music cards live in real time without paying any connection fees.

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