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Laudate App is a comprehensive Catholic app for Catholic faithful all over the world. The app is available in several major languages which include; English, French, Deutsch, Nederland and many more. The app offers Catholic faithful Daily Mass Readings, Order of Mass and other various prayers in Latin with an English translation available to users. The app also offers podcasts of daily readings with text and meditations. Users can also create their own categorized prayers and bookmark prayers at their own convenience.

App Features

Laudate App allows users access prayers and follow mass at anytime they want and at their convenience. Prayers are also available in Latin with English translations; users can participate in daily mass readings and keep in touch with their faith.

Podcast feature

The app supports podcasts of daily readings which users can listen to with read-along text which enables them follow the readings accurately

Supports multiple languages

The app is available in multiple language options so it can be used by Catholics all over the world.

Offline Bible

Laudate contains two offline bibles which are the NAB and Douay-Rheims bible which users can access easily while offline for study purposes

Bookmark and create personalized prayers 

As a user you can create and export your prayers into the Laudate APK, you can also bookmark certain prayers so you can easily access them anytime you want.


If you are a Catholic faithful then you need this app to help you keep in touch with your faith and stay devout no matter where you are. We recommend Laudate as it has so many resources that are sure to fill your every religious needs as a Catholic, from interactive Rosary to daily readings you are sure to find the app as very efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Laudate app?

Laudate is an app that delivers all the religious needs for Catholic believers, helping them to maintain a close and improved relationship with their faith no matter where they are in the world.

What are the devices Laudate compatible with?

This app is available for android and iOS devices.

How do I get it on my PC?

Download an emulator like Bluestacks to use on your PC smoothly.

Is the Laudate free?

Yes! Laudate App is free to use and download.

Best Alternatives Laudate App

Take a look at these alternatives to the Laudate app.


This app delivers to users the traditional Catholic prayers of the breviary along with so many other fantastic resources such as Missal, Breviary and Lectionary translated into 7 languages, Rituals for Sacraments and celebration, a Rites section for the various Catholic rituals and more. Users can also enjoy the blog of the Franciscan Holy Places. 


iMissal stands out by being an offline app that can deliver to users Missal and Mass readings for any day of the year. The app has also been recognized by the Catholic church  its perfect for newly converts Catholic faithful. iMissal offers a comprehensive Missal containing all a Liturgical calendar that is equipped with all the various liturgical seasons, audio of the mass readings and a daily bread scripture reading presented as a verse for everyday of the year. 

Catholic Missal offline

This app brings to users a complete 1 year reading of the Catholic church, its functions includes a text to speech feature for any type of reader enabling them to read or listen to the first, second and third gospel readings. They can also get back to any reading they have missed via the application. 


Laudate App recognizes this and provides Catholics with an enabling and comprehensive platform that keeps them close to their faith no matter where they are or go to. Now they can follow mass readings from their mobile phone, perform all necessary Catholic prayers in their own preferred language and enjoy their time of personal study using the NAB and Douay-Rheims bible versions.

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