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App NameMafia City MOD
Size104.7 MB
Google Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash+Gold
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Mafia City MOD APK was developed by Yotta Games and is available for Android devices.

It first appeared on the Google Play store on March 30th, 2017. The game is a mobile strategy game centered around crime families competing for a position to become the most powerful clan in a city. This version of Mafia City focuses on city management and earning upgrades. As far it has been downloaded more than 50,000,000+ times. It is available for both Android and IOS for free.

Players compete against other gangster clans in Mafia City, an online strategy mobile game by Yotta Games. One of the game’s most famous ad campaigns features a skit called “Lvl.” It shows 1 Crook being foiled by “Lvl and 35 Bosses”.


Mafia City is an amazing game that will require you to make decisions on who to trust and whom to ally with. In a world where your mafia ranking affects how events unfold, there is no wrong path.

Looking for a quick way to get rich in Mafia City?

Here’s the perfect solution for you.

We have created an app that gives your player unlimited coins and gold without any ads. It is possible to do all this with just one click of our Mod APK button.

You can build your own empire in the underworld. It is not easy though, because many opposing forces want nothing more than to see this world crumble into ruin, including my own gang.

Mafia City MOD APK Features

Unlimited Gold

This game uses gold as its dominant financial instrument. We have a Mafia City Mod that will give you nearly unlimited gold on your account.

 Have you ever considered its power?

It’s time to take the plunge and buy gold with real money. You’ll be able to progress in Liebster market without waiting any longer. Use Mafia City MOD today to access unlimited gold resources so that you can go out their guns blazing or stay safe at home.

Cash Without Limits

In order to go further in the game, you need cash resources. Rather than wondering how to get more or trying new ways to gather these things and ending up with nothing, download our  MOD APK.

Explore the World

There are more than 12 square miles of New Heaven city in Mafia City. This place has the culture and architecture of the Great Depression era in America. You have to fight one powerful gang that wants control over everything here.


In this game of battle strategy, you must defend your kingdom from an invading army. Collect resources, build up troops to defeat the enemy and win.

Several Weapons and Vehicles

With 60 legendary cars and realistic design mechanisms, the game offers a realistic driving experience. Furthermore, Mafia City provides you with a variety of weapons arsenals such as pistols and shotguns so that all your character’s needs are met.

Invite your Friends on Facebook

Legion Wars is a game where you battle with your friends and other members to increase in power. Team members can work together or independently while testing out new strategies that will help the team win. Don’t miss this opportunity to be among those considered winners by playing hard here.

Mafia City MOD APK Gameplay

It is a true-to-life simulation of an Italian mafia city.

The player takes on the role of Tommy and tries to make their way in this criminal society by joining up with other gangs or robbing missions available to be taken.

In the graphics, there are dark colors with fiery actions, such as guns firing off around you while bullets flash past you. This will feel just as authentic if not more real than taking place outside when there are no buildings blocking people’s view.

Mafia CITY is a multiplayer online battle royal game where players compete for the title of King. In addition, they have opportunities to participate in daily battles, which are held globally, and offer a dream for everyone; becoming the “Godfather” is always possible.

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Mafia City MOD APK FAQ’s

Mafia City can be hacked?

No matter what operating system you have, the Mafia City Hack will work for it. It’s been tested on both Android and iOS to ensure that any phone owner can easily use this cheat tool without ever having an issue.

In Mafia City MOD APK, how do you enter cheats?

Open the game and click on your profile. Click the “Settings” button to find the redemption code button, then click it. Tap “OK” when done entering this information. You should be all set up with rewards by now.

Is it possible to sell my Mafia City account?

There are a lot of games where you can sell your items and earn cash for your efforts. Is there anything more exciting than selling an online game account? Find out how. Simply send an email to the game’s owner, and they will contact you directly.

Want to attend events every week?

As a player of this game, you will have the chance to participate in events regularly organized by our developers. In these open-world multiplayer games, anything can happen and everyone is welcome.


The Mafia City MOD APK has a rich history with many different stories. There’s driving, mostly in the city between various areas for most of these things to happen and they also pursue or race each other sometimes too.

Third-party influence shapes the player’s experience. They can walk around and shoot, or they can follow a series of scenes as they progress through each level. It doesn’t matter what the fictional world looks like, we are still given a glimpse of what lies within it through various means, such as city maps (the plane’s tomb), and historic buildings such as airports, where aircraft may take off at some point.

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