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App NamePocket Waifu MOD APK
Size83 MB
MOD infoUnlimited Coins/Resurrection


Pocket Waifu MOD Apk is a kind of virtual dating game. Adults will be able to date online through this application. Only adults are allowed to use it. Because there are opportunities to date people of different ages, so only adults can use this application. Using this app, it is possible to date anyone from one end of the world to the other. If someone wants to date at home, it will be the only suitable application for him.

There are different types of beautiful virtual girlfriends. You have to choose one of them with a lot of thought. But not all girlfriends will be open to you at first. A small number of girlfriends will be available to you. And first of all, you have to choose your girlfriend from among them. It is possible to update your girlfriend later when many points are accumulated while playing the game.

If you think you need more than one girlfriend, you need to get more points. Then you can buy more than one girlfriend with that extra amount of points. One thing to keep in mind is that every girlfriend here has a different character. But, of course, not everyone will treat you the same. So to get good use of them, they must be accompanied. They need to be loved more.

Story of Pocket Waifu

The name of this game suggests that it is made in Japan. What is used here as a game name is a wife? But this is not a wife. She is a married woman in a kind of virtual world. It is possible to learn how to behave and talk to your life partner. Here is some information on how to take care of your virtual girlfriend. Everyone wants to be happy in worldly life. But he needs some practice. You can learn from this game. And it is possible to make oneself fit by following it. There are particular guidelines on how to take care of your wife and your virtual girlfriend.

You will feel lonely when you first start playing this game. Then when you find a suitable life partner, you will feel a lot of joy. What is meant here is a virtual girlfriend with whom you can share your thoughts. It is possible to find happiness and peace there.

Although here, a virtual girlfriend is meant to be a fictional character, owning one is still beyond the average person’s reach. It is possible to find precisely what a natural person or a real-life partner will do to you. Inside this virtual girlfriend, there is passion, love, laughter, joy, etc. Then download this game without delay and choose your virtual girlfriend. When you talk to this virtual girlfriend, it will feel like you are talking to someone. In other words, it is possible to get a real lesson about life from here. Which will benefit a lot of people in real life?

The Gameplay of Pocket Waifu

This game will never be easy to think of because there are different challenging times, which can be very difficult for an ordinary man. So much thought should be given to choosing a virtual girlfriend here since you have to spend time with him every moment. This virtual girlfriend will be with you in every step of life. Never play this game with an indifferent attitude. This can lead to any danger at any time. Genuine happiness can only be found when your virtual girlfriend is like your mind.

Always keep track of your wife or your girlfriend. He needs to know what he needs at any given time. It would help if you were prepared to take the maximum amount of care. He always needs to be by his side in times of danger. If you can do this, your virtual girlfriend will love you a lot. There may be many obstacles in the way of life. So you can’t stop yourself. You have to accompany your loved one in any danger. This will make his morale much stronger. And beautiful will create love like this game.

Everyone has different kinds of hobbies. Their hobbies should be given priority. They can demand anything from you at any time. Prepare yourself to meet their demands. This will make your girlfriends feel better, and they will love you more.

Gameplay Feature’s

Unlock the New Waifu

Don’t be upset when you see pictures of many beautiful girls because all the beautiful girls here are gorgeous to look at. Anyone who sees their youth and clothes can fall in love with them. This mistake can never be made. Everything needs to be judged according to one’s own merits. The goal of all the beautiful girls here is to attract the attention of a good man. So if you are the first in this game, read the policy. Reading the rules at the beginning of the game will be much easier because every match has power. The same here. There are specific rules to follow when choosing a beautiful girlfriend. Choose a beautiful girlfriend and make the paths ahead easier.

Handsome hunk and Sexy Girls

Every human being needs something in life. Since you have to spend your life here with your girlfriend, the girlfriend’s needs need to be met. So when a girlfriend wants to do her shopping, you take her to the store. After going to the store, you will see different types of clothes and furniture.

Approach your Love anytime

Give your girlfriend some gifts of your choice from here. This will make his mind much better. There are many beautiful clothes available in different shopping complexes. If necessary, take your girlfriend there. Let him like it. There are different types of dresses, panties, bras, etc., here. Tell your girlfriend to buy the ones she likes. But keep in mind that you need a lot of points to buy these. So keep collecting more and more attributes from the beginning of the game. Which will help make your life happier? Now download the unlocked waifu game for your android.

User-Friendly Interface and quality graphics

Pocket Waifu has relatively simple 2 Dimensional graphics with multiple unique, beautiful anime images. The girls are famous because of their beauty. This is also a concern, as this is a game with many adult NSFW scenes; you should be 18+ before downloading to experience waifu.

MOD Features

✅ Unlimited Coins from mini-games

✅ Unlocked Garden

✅ Unlocked All Science

✅ Unlimited Lives in Mini-games

✅ Unlimited Resurrection


Pocket Waifu Mod APK is the best app to find your true love virtually. You do not need to spend time finding real love in your life. Download the game and enjoy your life with your virtual anime.

I hope you liked our detailed description of Waifu MOD APK; let us know if you face any problems downloading or installing it.

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