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App NameAlight Motion Pro
GenreVideo Players and Editors
Size140 MB
MOD FeaturesNo Watermark | Premium
Last Updated2 Days Ago


Did you want to download the alight motion Pro apk? Are you looking for an alight motion apk without a watermark? Then you are at the right place on the Internet. Here [] We are providing a Pro application of Alight motion.

Many people are unable to buy the premium features of the alight motion app. Those people who can not afford that premium features can use this Pro apk. By using the Alight motion Pro application you can use all premium features for free of cost.

What is the Alight Motion App?

Alight Motion app is an application based on Android and iOS devices. This application is used for video editing, Graphics designing, making visual effects, making animation, etc and so many other amazing features are available in the Alight Motion app.

Alight motion pro is a motion-graphics designing app which can be used to create different sorts of graffiti and motions. You can also use to create vivid motion and colorful videos of your type. Besides this, this app also gives you some advanced editing like PC such as adding images, importing and exporting audio and videos, adding visual effects, and color correction. It also adds you up to the making of GIF’s to make it more awesome. Its user interface is very friendly and easy to use. All the options are given on the on-screen itself. Even a kid can easily use it.

What is alight motion Pro APK?

This is a Proded version of the Alight motion app. In this Pro apk you will get all premium features or paid features free of cost.

Alight Motion Pro is absolutely free to use but for some real advance features you need to sign-up for this app by using real money. The free version also comes up with the water-mark and can only be removed when you use your paid account. Below are 2 of the main features of the which will help you differentiate from the free version.

  • Removing Watermark Forever: You will never ever get to see the watermark if you use the
    paid version. Although there is no problem with the watermark but it doesn’t look good
  • Exclusive features like, easing and keyframes, bright contrast, blending, vector graphics and
    much more are made to avail to you.

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Features of Alight Motion Pro APK

Here In this Pro apk you can use all premium features free of cost.

No watermark.

➛ By using the Alight motion Pro apk you can not get watermarks while editing videos. In this Pro apk the watermark is removed.

➛ In alight motion Pro apk all paid features are available for free to use. You don’t need to pay money for paid features. So many paid features will help you while editing the video.

Multiple layers for Animation and video editing.

➛ In the Alight motion apk you can make your videos using multiple layers. In these layers you can use Images , videos and much more. These amazing features of the Alight motion app will advance the types of editing to the next level.

More Than 2000+ fonts are available

➛ In alight motion Pro apk there are so many fonts available for making Animation and editing videos. This fonts are inbuilt in this Pro apk

You can use your fonts also

➛ In the Alight motion Pro apk you can use your fonts. You can import your fonts and use them as per your choice

Adjustable Aspect ratio of the video

➛ In the Alight motion Pro apk you can easily. Adjust the size ratio of the video. In Alight motion Pro apk there are types of ratio sizes for video editing.

KeyFrame Animation.

➛ In the Alight motion Pro apk the key frame animation features are the most important feature for making graphics and animations. By using Key frame feature editor can edit videos frame by frame.

Lots of Visual effects available

➛In the Alight motion Pro apk you can use lots of visual effects while editing your videos or creating animations. By using visual effects you can give next level look to animations and videos

vector animation in video

➛ In the Alight motion Pro apk you can create Vector Animation in video. This vector animation gives an amazing look to your animations.

Export video in Multiple formats

➛ In the Alight motion Pro apk , you can export your edits video and animation in multiple formats like MP4, GIF, etc.

Why Alight Motion Pro APK?

In today’s world many people are using smartphones and they also want to do Video editing , graphic designing, making animation videos and so much more by using their smartphones.

Alight motion is one of the best video editing apps this time. By using the Alight motion app we can create amazing videos, animations, visual effects, etc.

But, the Alight motion app is providing most of the amazing features in paid form And many people can’t buy those premium features. These people can use Pro apk. Where they get all premium features free of cost.

How to Download Alight motion Pro APK?

Firstly you must know how to download the Alight motion Pro APK. So we provided these simple steps. Follow these steps and download the Alight motion Pro apk. Eles you can join our telegram group.

  • Firstly visit (
  • Then click on the download button.
  • Now you can see Version names. Now click on the download button of the version that you want.
  • After that you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Click on the Download file button . wait 10 seconds
  • Your file will start downloading.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.Is Alight motion Pro apk is free for download.

➛ Yes, From our website ( you will get a free downloadable apk file of Alight motion Pro apk.

Q.Is Alight motion Pro apk is safe?

➛ Yes, the Alight motion Pro apk is safe. This app is scanned for safety purposes. You can use this app without any risk.

Q.Using Alight motion Pro apk is legal .

➛ Yes, you can use Alight motion Pro apk legally. But Remember that we are providing this Pro apk for people who can’t afford premium features of Alight motion app.

Q.Can I get updates of Alight motion Pro apk?

➛ You can’t get an official update for a Pro apk from Google Play Store . You have to download Latest updated version of the Alight motion Pro apk . Here on our website and telegram channel we are providing Latest version of Alight motion Pro apk . So you can easily download Latest updated version of the Alight motion Pro apk.

Final Verdict

AMP is an app that will make you help to create short videos with professional effects. You always have the option to download it from the Appstore in free to use without having to pay any single rupee. But to use some of the advance features, you need to sign-up for the VIP membership.

I hope I am able to give you an idea of what Alight Motion Pro is. But only reading this is not enough. You should definitely download it in order to get a better view of how it works. When you will start using it, you yourself will invent so many things. But it will only come once you start using it frequently. It has got so much stuff to work upon. It can literally give you a core experience like you are editing on PC.

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